Friday, March 4, 2011


Gwen's first experience with Sunshine Pancakes. This is an important milestone, people.

Alec has really been into letters. He tries to read words and sounds like that one fish from Finding Nemo speaking, "whale." He also tries to spell words, all on his own. Its pretty exciting. He may be actually reading within a year or so! Chris did this duplo creation (he really enjoys playing with duplos just as much as the boys, sometimes even more!), but Alec insisted on taking a picture of it before Charlie destroyed it.

Also, the boys wanted to document this funny Mr. Potato head ensemble. Charlie and Alec can be so silly together!


Heather said...

What fun for Gwen to experience your wonderful Sunshine Pancakes!! Lucky girl...

Happy times for Alec with his reading. Opening up a whole new world :)

jodi said...

Ok, so ever since our last trip to Utah I've been looking for the recipe for Sunshine Pancakes! Apparently there's a family recipe book we somehow missed out on. Would you mind emailing it to me if you get a chance? Thanks!

Your kids are so cute, and smart! I can't believe Alec is getting so close to reading already. Well, I guess I can since you & Chris are both so smart!

It was fun seeing you guys in Portland!

Chelsea said...

Hey! I need your email address to invite you to our blog :)
Hope all is well!

archibald.chelsea at

Shelly Beth said...

What are Sunshine Pancakes? Never heard of them but sounds yummy! Aren't kids so fun? I used to talk "whale" to Drew just because I thought it was funny. He did not.

Thanks for you comment on my blog. I went back through and added links for all the stuff I used for the letter Rr co-op (traceables and videos and such) so that you have those resources if you want them. I also added a paragraph at the bottom of the post with a bunch of other ideas that I had but didn't use. Also, on mide side bar under (fun sites) is Yearning for Learning. It is Shannon's (from our BYU cohort) home preschool blog that I steal a lot of ideas from. Sometimes I find it easier to find a blog where someone has focused on the letter or whatever and do most of their ideas/activities then to reinvent the wheel. Hope that helps!