Friday, March 11, 2011

Small Spaces 1

There are lots of things to love about living in a small space. First off: the kitchen/laundry/dining room. I can be folding clothes and switching laundry while watching to make sure the beans don't boil over before turning down the heat all the while monitoring the boys playing with playdough - all without taking more than 3 steps.

Also, I really love the cupboard space in this kitchen. It goes all the way to the ceiling. The above picture was taken standing on our table. The below picture was taken standing outside on our patio.

The below picture of our "dining room" was taken standing by our computer desk. One benefit to having our toys stored behind the table is that some of the more messy toys like, playdough and paints are visible and handy but still hard for the kids to get to, since they'd have to move our table to pull it out.

BY THE WAY - As our time here starts to get closer to the end, I want to take pictures to remember how our house was. Our first tiny apartment was pretty pitiful; complete with broken stairs, mini-oven, ice-box freezer, and cardboard/ducktaped-covered holes in the walls. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures from that place to laugh at now. I don't want to make that mistake again, so although I know our house isn't "feature-able" I will feature it across a few posts purely for the sake of remembering. I was going to wait till my house was super cleaned and de-cluttered, but its never going to be like that so... here's to remembering it how it really is.


Shelly Beth said...

Good idea! I wish I would have taken more photos of our first couple of places, too.

dixie said...

Well, I think it looks pretty darn clean and clutter free. It's fun to see your washer and dryer in place! I'll bet you're loving that. Such a great idea to document.

Amy said...

Good for you for taking the time to appreciate.