Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break 2

We did lots of fun stuff on this Utah trip and enjoyed doing so many things with family and friends. With our Archibald family we watched a bunch of basketball and movies at Chris' sister, Jess, and her husband Ryan's new house. That house is incredible. So beautiful and spacious without being over the top. Seeing Jimmer play on a real TV station on a big TV was awesome. I, for one, am happy with what BYU did this season in basketball. They were so good and fun to watch.

We played at grandma's house with cousins dressing up and blowing bubbles and racing marbles and cars and playing with playmobile toys. Charlie fit perfectly into a real pair of lederhosen.

We went bowling in the WILK and I even bowled a turkey!! Gwen sat happy in her car seat for most of it, what a trooper. Alec loved throwing the ball all by himself and you could tell he wanted to aim better but wasn't sure how to do that since it took all his energy just to get the ball down the lane! Charlie liked to use the metal stand and roll the ball down it. He tried to put his fingers in the holes and pick up the ball like that, but always had to resort to the two hand carry.

Also we made Grandpa Archibald's dreams come true with all the grandkids outside hitting golf balls. They got a jr. sized set of golf clubs complete with a driver which all the kids loved. This was Alec's first experience with a driver and he enjoyed making it go "Waaaa - POWIE!" Its so satisfying to hear that solid ding and watch the ball fly far.

On the drive home we encountered snow at the pass which was enough to require chains... but just barely. Chris was great about it all and put on the chains himself to avoid paying 30 bucks. We had to drive 10 mph over the pass since I think we bought the wrong size of chains or something because one of the extra bits of chain kept clanking against something on the wheel and we worried about breaking our car. It was a hassle and stressful and made the drive SO much longer, but we got home safe and sound and our car isn't broke so we're only grateful.


dixie said...

The cute pictures and videos sure made me smile (and miss you all!) Wonderful memories.

Jess said...

It was so great to see you guys. It always goes by too fast!!

Renee said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Charlie is adorable in lederhosen! Glad you got back safely.