Tuesday, March 15, 2011

teenager in a toddler

Chris has often made the comment to me about how Charlie is already acting like a teenage boy. He'll roam around the house and every hour or so, find his way to the fridge whereupon he opens it up and tries to find something to eat. Most of the time its milk, or strawberries/blueberries or yogurt. He'll pull it out and say in a low sing-song whine, "I want miiiiiiillllk." If he doesn't get to eat whatever it is he pulled out, he'll throw a fit. Also, soon after coming downstairs, he'll strut into the kitchen and with arms hanging low and his chin jutting up and a pouty face saying, "I want br-EAk-FAst."

Also, Charlie is perfecting the one word answers. If I ask him "why" anything (why did you go in Time Out? Why is it not Ok to hit Alec? etc) He'll look at my beneath those long lashes of his and push his lips out and say, "Um... 'cuz"

Other times He shows us a glimpse of attitude by putting "No" or "Yes" in front of whatever we just said to him. He says this with his head tilted back and his eyes crinkled and barely open.
Charlie: "I want cih-meh row " (cinnamon roll = donuts)
Mom: "Sorry... not before lunch"
Charlie: "YAH, 'foh lunch"
Also because Alec often threatens in the extremes, (I'm going to eat it all! I'm going to play with it for 100 days" or "...for all the days!") Charlie gets really bent out of shape with this.
Alec: "I'm going to play outside for all of the days" (when Chris asks him to come inside)
Daddy: "Come on, Alec, Charlie, time to go in"
Charlie: "No go in, Alec outside"
Daddy: "No, Alec is coming in right now too"
Charlie: "Alec outside, all the days!"


Heather said...

As one of the doting Grandmas...I can only smile & say how precious is your darling Charlie...Alec...& Gwen<3 They are so adorable to me, that even these teenage traits warm my heart & bring a smile of JOY.

Gratitude for determination, creativity, & resourcefulness!

dixie said...

These are traits that SOMEDAY will serve them all very well. But for now, I'm sure it's just helping with your patience! At least you can laugh about it later. So glad you're writing things down!

Shelly Beth said...

After a day of struggling with some of the same types of traits, it is nice to come online and see that I am not the only mother struggling with these determined attitudes!

Jess said...

Those stories are so cute. Probably not always so cute in the moment, but cute to record and remember for later :)

And we are SO EXCITED to see all of you so soon! Mady can't wait.

Radene said...

This sounds JUST like Dylan. I feel like I am ALWAYS in the kitchen and have often thought to myself, "Oh my, how much will he eat when he's a teenager!?" Glad to see I'm not alone. Good luck with the tantrums though, I'm still working on that. I'm thinking about some kitchen guidelines or something. Any thoughts? Hang in there. You're such a good mommy...even when you don't feel like it. We all have those days. Truly we do.