Thursday, March 31, 2011

Visit with Great Grandmas

While in Utah we took a morning to visit with Chris' grandma. She has kept great care of the toys her boys played with as kids and so its fun to see the "classics" and read the names of Chris' dad and uncle written in crayon on some of them. She has many things that the boys don't get to play with very often: old wooden tops, tinker toys, balloons, Easter eggs, snow, etc.

The boys wanted to play in the snow but we didn't have any snow gear, so GG thought to bring it inside in a bucket and play with it with cookie cutters on a cookie sheet. Genius! Alec and Charlie loved it. We had to take a few breaks so I could run warm water over their cold hands. You can see Gwen wants to be where the action is and is CONSTANTLY looking for ways to stand up. She is sooo happy when she is standing.

Of course, GG Claudia fed us a yummy "dinner" of meat sauce and spaghetti, homemade rolls with spun honey, milk and to top everything off her famous peaches and raspberries with cream. I've never eaten fruit like this until I married Chris. We had "bananas and cream" for breakfast some mornings but it was always with milk, never with actual cream. Charlie loved sitting in a big chair (on top of phone books!) and I couldn't resist his cute messy face.

We also took an afternoon to visit with my Grandma Hardy. I was happy to get time to see her and it was fun to have her write us in her schedule. We played with toys downstairs and the boys loved turning on and watching the artificial fish tank that my aunt got for my grandpa when he couldn't read anymore but still wanted to have something pretty to look at. I wish I would've had my camera with me to get pictures of our afternoon with her. Thankfully she had some jobs for Chris to do for her! I love being useful. (haha, well I love Chris being useful). Most of her clocks on the walls are too big/heavy/high for her and they were all out of batteries. My handsome, tall, sweet Chris was happy to help. Before we left, she offered the boys a snack. They were happy to eat everything she put before them: applesauce, string cheese, wholesome oatmeal animal crackers (super super good!), apple juice, ripe juicy pears. Lucky, it was almost time for dinner so I had a reason to put a stop to it all, otherwise we might have eaten everything in her cupboards!

I love visiting with family... and I especially love how they want to cuddle, kiss and drool over my children. Makes me feel lucky to have them and it makes me feel a bit important to be the one in charge of raising them.


dixie said...

What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

Radene said...

Great post Brittney! So cute, that little Gwen is adorable, I can't believe how big she is getting...and we don't even know her! Isn't having a girl fun!? We love it.