Thursday, April 21, 2011

bunkbed love and a dance party

The boys LOVE their bunkbed. They both get excited to take naps and go to bed. Alec doesn't take naps usually, but he asked to the other day when I excitedly asked Charlie, "Who gets to sleep in the bunkbed for naps!?!" Earlier, Alec had offered to let Charlie sleep on the top so I was nervous to find out what would happen when Alec decided he wanted to take a nap too.

Well, they both just slept on the top! Or at least tried to. Alec didn't ever fall asleep but he lay there quietly for 30-40 minutes and woke Charlie up accidentally by climbing back up to the top after a bathroom trip. Despite the late night the day before and the interrupted naps yesterday, it was SUCH a good day. I was so full of happiness as I played with my children more than I usually do. I particularly enjoyed laying on my back on the floor with Charlie laying on his back on top of me while we tried to throw balls up to the ceiling and catch them again. Alec would patiently get the ball for us if he rolled beyond our reach and Gwen happily crawled around us babbling and smiling. Yesterday was also my turn to receive dinner from my good friend/neighbor, Amanda. We swap meals once a week. A yummy lasagna, salad and homemade garlic bread arriving at my back door at 5:30 was a perfect addition to a fantastic day.

Then we topped that all off with a dance party before Chris had to go to scouts. Charlie had some AWESOME moves... all slow and deliberate when he was trying to show/dance with Gwendolyn. What a cutie pie. Alec wanted to take a picture of Chris and I dancing and never seeing any flashes or hearing any clicks I thought he either got distracted or didn't take any so I continued to dance/move all out. Turns out he was taking a movie! haha. I haven't deleted them yet, but I'm definitely not posting them here. Here are some of the kids instead.

Ok the movie I was going to post is taking too long so here is a short one of Alec dancing with Gwen. My favorite part is the huge smile Gwenyrs has when Alec picks her up. He's so gentle with her!

Wait, I think I got the first movie ready. Here are Charlie's awesome dance moves in all their glory.


Heather said...

That looks like quite the happenin' dance party!! So totally adorable when Charlie slowed down to teach Gwen<3

Also a sweet ending to the bunk bed saga when they turn out to be such a hit :-)

Hawks said...

So cute! I am excited that I am having another boy. Alec and Charlie look like they love playing together all day!

merilee said...

You are such an awesome mom Brittney! I love seeing your cute kids in action. What fun!!