Thursday, April 7, 2011


Surprise of all surprises....

Our custom-made-extra-long-good-price-toddler-sized bunk bed was delivered to our house this morning!! After 1 year and 3 months, its here. I can hardly believe it and I can't stop smiling. We're waiting for Chris to come home from work before we open it....then build it...then drool over it and sleep in it (literally). Here's to patience!!

I think we'll have an open house for it and invite all our friends who've supported us and ached with us over our Bunk Bed Saga to come celebrate. I really hope its as awesome as we've dreamed about.


Jess said...

YOUR KIDDING! I am SO SO SO happy for you! I can't wait to see it, all set up in the kids room.


And yes, the all caps are TOTALLY called for :)

Amy said...