Sunday, April 17, 2011

Masters induced obsession

Ever since watching the Masters a few weekends back, Golf has firmly taken its spot at the very top of Archibald interests. I've had to go to the running store three times in the past month to work out a foot/shoe problem and right next door is a golf store. The boys (all three of them) out-lasted the girls during those shopping trips. In the end we came away with some new golf clubs for Alec and Charlie. ("Wait, aren't we sort of on a tight budget?" I ask. The answer: "but ... this is golf." ) At least, I insisted, we should have the boys earn their clubs. So we made a sticker chart rewarding obedience the first time, being kind, staying in their beds (meaning NOT climbing into Gwen's crib), and asking for food (meaning NOT opening the fridge and making a mess).

After a few days the boys filled up their charts. I think the concept was a bit beyond Charlie's attention span but Alec might have earned it all on the first day or two if we weren't trying to get them to finish at the same time.

In one word, Alec is obsessed. He constantly asks to go golfing or go to the driving range, or to get out his clubs and hit balls. He practiced hitting out back for hours on Saturday, and didn't even want to come in for dinner. And he's good. He's really good. 8 out of 10 hits are solid contact, he's averaging 30 to 35 yards and his longest drives are 50ish yards...all the way to the fence.

Charlie is doing awesome too. He reaches back and swings through. His longest drive was 15ish yards and straight as arrow. He likes to hit a few balls, watch Alec hit some, go play with some other toys and come back to hit balls again. Over and over and over.

Even Gwendolyn got in on the action. She got so excited about it all that she stood up to standing without holding on to anything and even took her first steps unaided today!


dixie said...

So the most important thing to do now is to choose a golf nickname for them. It has be catchy and not one that is or ever has been used before. Something that can grow with them and be used all through their long golf career. Let us know when you come up with the perfect one.
This post makes me so sentimental. Golfing kids! Nothing cuter.

brittany said...

Hooray for golfing little boys. I bet Chris is just beside himself with excitement. And hooray for Gweners! What an over achiever.

Jess said...

We are definitely related. There has been a lot of golfing going on around here!!