Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Week

With Chris gone in Taiwan the week before Mother's Day, I had lots of opportunities to mother. In fact, the opportunities never stopped. I started off with zest and productivity on Monday and as the days followed I got progressively snappier and ineffective. As I wrote out cards to my mother, mother-in-law, and grandmothers I realized how hard it was to follow in their footsteps and how far I was to becoming like them. The climax resulted in tears and making a deal with Alec that we would both try to behave nicely for the rest of the time and reward ourselves with ice cream. Then Chris came home and life is better. He kindly offered me a break Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning! I have increased respect and compassion to all the mothers who have (or had) to parent alone for both long and short periods of time. Even with Chris home its not easy being a mom. The boys still are testing limits on how far they can escalate their back and forth teasing before someone hits/pushes/throws/kicks/cries and consequences come into play. The worst part is, I can see in their angry "I'm mad so I want to throw something" behavior shadows of my own reactions in the past week and a half. I hope I haven't ruined them for life.

Happily, I still happen to think my kids are the cutest things on the face of the Earth. Charlie can still melt my heart with his rugged adorable-ness, lone-wolf tendencies, and sweet high voice while Alec still leads our little family by his typically kind and tender example. Gwendolyn, in particular, is giving me so much joy recently. She is growing so old, aware, and playful. She really does deserve the phrase many are attributing to her "smiliest/happiest baby." In fact, someone told me the other day, they've never heard her cry or whine. Despite her best efforts to CONSTANTLY smile, she does lose it sometimes and just last night I got a good picture of it.

Most of the time, however, we see this as a typical "did-you-say-my-name?" expression:


Katie B. said...

Good work making it through a week of single-mom-ing! That's tough stuff. How did you make that cute silhouette of all three kids?

dixie said...

You are just amazing. I've never had to do it alone like you have. And I certainly wondered plenty of times if I had ruined my kids forever. Luckily they turned out pretty well in spite of me! Thank goodness for such cute, forgiving little ones! Hang in there.