Sunday, May 22, 2011


We'd planned to go camping in Yosemite the week after Chris' defense for a family vacation. As the weather predictions got worse and worse, we had second thoughts about going. In the end, we decided to just do it ... knowing that if we didn't go now (when we had reservations) we'd probably never get to it. Yosemite was at the top of my "Must do before we leave California" list.

Come rain, snow or sun we were going.

And it did; they all did. It rained every night and all day Tuesday, and Wednesday morning we woke up to 2 inches of snow covering everything around camp. Luckily, we had reserved a spot in Housekeeping Camp, where they have these hutch-like concrete walls/canvas covered "tents" with electrical outlets. We borrowed some space heaters from our friends and brought every blanket we own (which is A LOT). Chris did some awesome insulating with hanging and stuffing blankets over all the open-air spots and we stayed warm while we were sleeping. Gwen was dressed like a Russian doll with tights, onesie, thermal pjs, socks, footsie pjs, fleece suit, topped off in one of my old fleece jackets.

We even brought a portable DVD player so we could keep the kids entertained inside where it was warm while we made dinners and breakfasts. Not your typical camping activity but it worked and I loved it.
We borrowed a second hiking backpack so Chris and I could each carry a child, leaving only Alec to walk. It made the hikes SO enjoyable only having to worry about one kid running around leaning over scary cliffs, tromping through huge puddles and slipping around slush.

Day 1 - Yosemite Falls and keeping dry around camp


Heather said...

wonderful adventure!!! Thanks for the photos...looks like tons of fun :-)

brooke said...

One of my favorite places on the planet! We love Yosemite. Looks like you guys had fun. And it sounds like life is going so well for you all. Congrats to Chris (and you Brittney). We can't wait to hear where you are headed next. Miss you guys! xoxo, Brooke

dixie said...

You are so brave!! It looks like you were well prepared and made this a memorable, wonderful family activity. The pictures are just beautiful.