Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chris' Birthday and EV Carnival

That's right. Chris turned 30 last month! He's so old. :) I had lots of his friends and family write something for him and I compiled those thoughts into 30 emails that I emailed him every hour for 30 hours on the weekend of his birthday. So many of them made him laugh and some of them were really complimentary, I think he enjoyed it. At least, I enjoyed reading a bunch of Chris-isms.

We had cake and ice cream with our friends that night, and as you can see from the picture, we broke our camera!! The strap came off and it dropped on the pavement. The LCD screen is cracked and all fuzzy looking and since the viewfinder was already broken by being stuck on a totally zoomed in view, one can no longer see what they are taking a picture of. We've got graduation coming up and family coming in town and a lot of other big expenses on the horizon so we're not sure when we can replace it. Its just too bad.

Also a few weeks ago we went to the EV carnival. The boys enjoyed cotton candy, snow cones and train ride. Alec also rode the ponies and visited the petting zoo.

The thing I'll remember most about this carnival was how much Alec LOOOOVED the magician, Daffy Dave. Mostly the jokes were about silly things like singing the ABC's like " A, B, C, D, E, F, Giraffe!" or potty jokes about stinky diapers or wearing pants on our head. But man, Alec was belly laughing for almost the entire show. Charlie was entertained and totally focused too, but mostly with a "why-is-this-guy-so-funny type of expression on his face.

It was great fun and it was sad to think that that was our last EV Carnival since Chris is graduating and we're moving somewhere else next fall for a post-doc.


Heather said...

LOVE the word filled 30!!! So easy to think of lots of great words when describing such a man as Chris <3

Alec's enjoyment of Daffy Dave must have been a great thing to observe...isn't it the best to see your children full of JOY??

dixie said...

I can just hear Alec laughing so loud at Daffy Dave. What a riot. And cute Charlie--wanting to laugh too, but not sure what to laugh about. miss you.