Sunday, July 10, 2011

American Love

We had a fun and low key 4th of July. In my opinion there are 3 'musts' for a complete Independence Day celebration: some kind of craft, flag cake, and fireworks. We barely got those all in this year. The craft was a last minute painted flag thing and the cake was missing the whipped cream but luckily my friend stepped in and made a regular frosting for the blueberries and strawberries to stick to. The fireworks simply consisted of a few sparklers for the kids... but it worked! Brave little Charlie was the first kid to take a sparkler. So cute watching them love it. Although they were always sad when it burnt out, Charlie would say, "Sparkler turned off. It turned off! Turn it on!"

We busted out those flags again today to show some American love after watching the US women win their game against Brazil in the World Cup quarter finals. HOLY COW, it was AMAZING!! I've never scream so loud or jumped so high, for any sport. Just incredible. Gwen started crying she was so nervous about Chris and I just completely freaking out and the boys loved it and joined in the screaming and dancing fest. Seriously, it was such a high-adrenalin moment.

It was a nice Birthday Present for our little Gwendolyn. She turned 1 today, but that deserves its own post.

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dixie said...

I'm so impressed that you have such fun holiday traditions. Happy 4th!