Thursday, July 14, 2011

O Canada

Life is pretty stressful right now. Yesterday I ran 10 miles to keep up those distance muscles, took the kids to swimming lessons, Gwen had a Dr. Appointment got 3 shots, Alec got his 5 booster shoots, AND Charlie fell down and chipped both front teeth and then got whacked in the face again later to make it bleed even more so we had an emergency visit (and our family's first visit) to the dentist. To top it all off, Chris had a CT scan this morning (they keep telling us everything is fine, this is just to get more information on what seems to be an inflamed lymph node).

Hopefully everything will calm down a bit, at least for next week when Chris is in Spain for a conference.

Oh. And I keep forgetting to mention on here that we're moving to Canada in 3 weeks. Chris is doing a 2-year Post Doc at the University of Alberta! We're really excited to move on in life, and pretty sad to leave our wonderful friends and lovely life here. Also we're super nervous about living somewhere that has an average temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. But, the research lab is a great match for Chris' career plans and the people are really nice.

So, we're packing, planning, apartment hunting online (not actually fun), and trying to simplify our possessions on top of our normal busy messy lives. Some days I feel fine about it all, and other days I start bawling simply because I miss my sisters in UT.

Exciting times. I'll try my best to enjoy them.


dixie said...

I'm so sorry about all the shots, dr visits and the chipped teeth. So much going on for you. Take a deep breath and things will calm down.

brittany said...

I didn't realize yall would be moving so soon. Boy the summer sure does fly by fast. Hang in there, you can do it!

Katie B. said...

Yes! Finally! I've been wondering where you guys were headed for weeks! Congratulations. I happen to know some very nice Canadians. And your boys will have so much fun in the snow. I'm excited to see updates.

Hawks said...

WOW! Canada. You will seriously have to call my mom and she can tell you how bad the winters are...crazy...but the great thing is it is so beautiful! You will love it.