Sunday, August 28, 2011

New House

So, we moved into our new place this week! Its a house. And it feels like triple the size of our last place. Although, at 650sq ft, that's not too hard to do.

The pros:
  • The basement is finished and it has a HUGE carpeted main room that is only devoted to playing. All of our toys are down there and the boys love it. There is even an extra bedroom (sewing room or... GUEST ROOM!? who's coming?) and a bathroom down there!
  • It has 3 bedrooms and 2 toilets all on the main level! (there is no upstairs)
  • There's even a little pantry next to the kitchen.
  • Wood burning fireplace -- which makes me feel good about emergency preparedness.
  • Small backyard with a big garden space and a DOUBLE car garage!
  • A brand new dishwasher and washer and dryer.
  • Its in a great (safe) established neighborhood with 3 excellently rated elementary schools within walking distance.
It seems that most people live in townhouses or other old/small homes and just thinking about the two homes we've been in already, we'd rather live in our house, so we feel pretty lucky. I bet you want some pictures! The boys had the camera out while we were moving in, so while we have pictures, they're not all that informative... except for one fact: CHARLIE IS THE DARLING-EST BOY EVER! See what I mean?

Lest anyone think my life is perfect, I feel the need to have balance in all things.

The cons:
  • Its pretty old. It was built in '76 and probably has the same wallpaper/toilets/sinks/curtains/carpet/closet doors. (at least the fridge and stove and heater are only a few years old)
  • The garage is detached, so we've still got to walk outside to get there.
  • Its laminate "hardwood floor" upstairs and the landlords are pretty nervous that the boys will destroy it so I have to be super vigilant about what toys are upstairs and how the boys play on it.
  • There actually aren't any kids in the neighborhood... VERY different from our last love, EV.
  • The kitchen, while there is more counter space, the cupboards are really small so our pots and pans don't fit and its crowded with more than 1 person in it. Also, there is no disposal (called a garborator here). I didn't think this would be a big deal but it actually is pretty hard for me right now. I probably just have to get used to it.


MandaMommy said...

Wow, he really is super cute! I'm so glad you guys have so much space. We're still hoping to come see it next summer! (Although Ella is convinced we're visiting you there for Christmas...)

Katie B. said...

I don't know... I think hardwood floors can make up for a lot. Yaay, you have a house!

P.S. Yes. March 16th. :)

merilee said...

I'm so glad you are there safely. I hope you really enjoy Edmonton!! I remember going there to visit Beth & Marse when he was in med school. Long time ago...
So, so sorry to hear about Chris but I know that everything will work out and you will all be fine. My love and prayers are with you!!

Shelly Beth said...

Haven't been on the blog in a while. How exciting and nerve-racking to have moved out of the country. I am glad for you that the moving part is over and that you have a house. It sounds like such a great place for the boys to play!

I am so sorry to hear about Chris. I had a fine needle biopsy on a lymph node in my neck this year and I know how scary that first visit can be, let alone what you must all be feeling with the subsequent visits and diagnosis. I am sure that the Lord is aware of Chris and of you and your family during this time. I pray for the best for you! I love your realness and honesty on the blog - I feel that others will be able to pray for you and serve you because of it. Although it is hard, always look for the positive in things. I struggle with that, but it helps. Wishing you all the best!

dixie said...

Space trumps style--at least for now. And it sounds like it is in pretty good condition anyway. We're so glad that you're getting settled. Can't wait to come for a visit.

mmbateman said...

Brittney, love this new home for you...definitely room to grow while you are in Canada. I can hardly believe your Stanford apartment was only 650sf! That's crazy! We are so anxious to hear about Chris and pray for him and for you that all will be well. Love, Marie

lanaface said...

Ha! Our condo was built in the 80's and still has the same toilets, Ew. We have laminte wood flooring and it is very forgiving of children. I dont ever want carpet in my house either (at least while I've got kids and dogs in the house). Can you buy temporary shelving for the pots?
Charley has the most pinchable cheeks ever! He's adorable, he looks just like you.