Sunday, September 25, 2011

Picture this...

Alec gave a talk today in primary. He is really uncomfortable with speaking in front of people like that. One of his first times we only got a word or two out of him for a primary scripture, talk or prayer. He did pretty good the last time he did it (just a week or two before we moved away from CA) and he did even better today! It was really really cute and I wish I would've had a video of it, but alas, we didn't do that so you'll just have to picture this:

Alec is wearing a green/brown/blue plaid shirt with a tan, yellow, red and blue striped vest and stands up tall to the microphone with a nervously muted grin. Charlie has been recruited to hold the props and stands on his own stool next to the podium looking impishly handsome wearing a nice white shirt, tie and khaki pants. I'm kneeling behind/beside Alec whispering in his ear and putting things on Charlie. (The Theme was, "The Gospel is preached in all the world")

Alec - "Jesus made the world."
"It is sooo big."
"Lots of people live on it."
"Some people don't know about Jesus."
"Missionaries go all over the world teaching people about Jesus"
"My dad went to Lithuania"
--I put two dolls dressed in traditional Lithuanian garb in Charlie's hands who holds them up tall for all to see.
"My uncle Justin went to Mongolia"
-- I put a camel-hair-made-in-Mongolia scarf around Charlie's neck
"My uncle Ryan went to Canada"
"My uncle Thom went to USA"
"My uncle Todd went to Africa"
-- I put a bright, thickly beaded African necklace on top of the scarf.
"My uncle Jared went to Thailand"
-- I sling my famous purple purse that Jared brought be from Thailand over Charlie's shoulder....He still is just patiently standing there holding the dolls up high.
"My uncle Jordan went to an Island, called Kosrae"
"And even now Uncle Edward is in Mexico"
"They all taught people about Jesus and Jesus wants us to teach people about Him too."
"In the name of Jesus Chris, Amen."

He did so well! Both boys did. The Primary President gets up with a smile and chuckle and says, "That's a lot of Uncles!" It sure is, and we even forgot our newest Uncle: Justin/German. He served his mission in Brazil. It would've rounded out the geography quite nicely.


dixie said...

I love that picture in my mind. Two adorable boys!!

merilee said...

That is adorable! Very cute and creative way to have Alec give a talk. I can just picture the two of them. So sweet.

Radene said...

That. is. awesome. Justin and I got a good chuckle as we read this post. so cute to picture it in our minds. Great description. Love it!

brittany said...

That is so cute. I felt like I was actually there.

Anonymous said...

Cute idea with the dolls! Good job Alec, kids are so smart!

tericksen said...

So creative. What a great primary talk idea. Love those boys of yours!