Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saturday hike

A few Saturdays ago, I was determined to get out of the house and move. It's been REALLY hard here to exercise as much as I was used to in California with my awesome friends/running/gym/dance class buddies. Seriously, it was exercise heaven. I have been lucky enough here to tag along with some ladies in my ward who do about a 5 K Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 6:30 in the morning. I would prefer to go a bit faster and longer but I'd rather run with people who entertain with conversation! Two runs ago it was beautiful. We run in this little ravine on wide hiking paths, littered with vibrant fall leaves, and on wooden bridges over a small river. The sunrise came up pink across the valley, so peaceful and yet energy-giving. Unfortunately, Fall is coming to a close, and fast. The very next run we had to use a head lamp for the first half and most of the bright yellow leaves are now a muted dirty brown.

ANYWAY...I always pictured our first month here full of hikes and other outings as we try to live up the warm weather here, but with Chris not able to walk very far without needing to sit or lay down, I figured our hiking days were over, for this season.

Then I realized, I could still go on hikes, just myself and the kids! Especially if we just stick close to home and explore more of that ravine right near by. So that's what we did and the kids loved it. I put Gwen in the hiking backpack and drove close to the ravine so the boys would last longer walking. It was fun and I think I'll try and do it a few more times before the weather gets ugly cold.

BTW - I love these close ups of Alec's silly grin and Charlie's smile. In Charlie's you can see where his front teeth got chipped when he fell down in mid-July. I was holding him with his arms wrapped up in his towel after swimming lessons (which.. I think I never blogged about yet! ...lets add THAT to my TO DO list). I put him down for a second while we waited for another kid and he tried to take a step but tripped and had no hands to brace him. BANG! right on his mouth/teeth. It wasn't very bloody but his teeth were obviously chipped and felt a little loose. When Alec accidentally whacked him in the face a little later that day and made it bleed much worse, I took Charlie for an emergency dentist visit. Nothing they could do really, but we still need to keep an eye on it. It could get infected and fall out or need to be pulled at any time in the following three months! So far, so good, although one tooth is starting to look a little discolored.


dixie said...

You're so brave! And it looks like you had an awesome time. What cute, cute kids!!!

Nikki CB said...

Those pics of the kids are awesome!

Shelly Beth said...

Enjoy the weather and feel proud of yourself for even the small things you are able to get out and do with yourself and the kids! Did you hear President Uchtdorf's talk - it is the small things that count and don't get down on yourself for not being perfect. Sometimes I feel like I am not doing and being all of the thigns I want to do or be, but then I have to step back and see that I am actually doing and being SOMETHING!

Anyways, Isabelle fell and hit her teeth back in May or June and at the end of July I noticed one of them was black. It has since gone back to white. The dentist said it is esentially bruised. So there is still hope for Charlie's teeth. It just makes you feel like people may think you don't have good hygiene and you are white trash ;) (At least that is how I felt about Isabelle's tooth).

Anonymous said...

Kids love to explore!