Monday, September 5, 2011

spontaneous tour

So, the kids were being pretty cute this morning. I started taking pictures and realized they also showed a good tour of our upstairs! So, while its not exactly clean and pretty, it does give you a better idea of what our house looks like than those last pictures. The kids are playing snake monster ( a game started by Peter in our courtyard) where someone runs around with a blanket dragging behind and everyone else tries to jump on the blanket and catch a ride. Pretty fun. Also, pretty crazy.

First is Gwen being cute, standing in the L shaped living space. I'm standing at the front door. The boys are trying to entice her to play snake monster.

Which she likes to play if she can be the one pulling the blanket.

Two steps to my left, I'm now standing in the doorway of the boys room, looking down the hall where Gwen's room, small closet and master bedroom are on the left, and straight ahead is the bathroom section. Its a 1/2 bath connected to a contained bath/shower room, which is connected to another 1/2 bath which is connected to the master bedroom.

Following the kids I'm now standing by the doorway of the bathrooms (there's a nice little pantry to my right) and I'm watching Gwen start to get frustrated that she can't pull the blanket with Charlie on it through the kitchen/eating area.

somehow she made it around the corner out of the kitchen and almost back into the living space but by then the boys were getting frustrated with Gwen's I-can-only-pull-an-empty-blanket participation and commandeered the reigns from a now, very unhappy Gwen. You can see the coat rack/shoe landing area that leads to both the basement stairs and to the back door which takes you through the small yard to the garage.

Downstairs is mainly just a play space with toys and our couch/TV. There's also a mini bar thing and another bedroom that is now a craft/sewing/office/guest room. Pictures coming, but I'd rather just post what I've got now and eat apple crisp and watch a movie with Chris. Which is the 2nd time we've had such a fun (movie with a treat) and relaxing night in the past month.

Well, one more picture and a movie:

Gwen is just so fun. I only just barely get annoyed with something she does maybe once or twice a day, but other than that, she just brings joy to my life. She snuggles a little, likes to give kisses, say Hi and smile for the camera, "cook" with me in the kitchen, and wear shoes...especially boots. She also likes to lay down on pillows or sit on blankets to get all cozy. Here is a video. Oh, at the end, she's saying, "Bath" and "up" because she wants to get in the bath again, but I don't catch it while I'm filming.


brittany said...

What a great house, and it looks like it has a lot of personality. I love the kids' game, so fun.

Anonymous said...

Awesome house! Gwen is such a doll, I agree with her, brothers are annoying... haha, only partly least until they get older.