Thursday, September 22, 2011

to do list

My head hurts (I feel like I've started 1/2 my posts out with something like this in the past month). There is so much to think about, remember and do. Someone dropped by a plate of cupcakes last night (so nice and yummy!) and said something like, "I had time to kill tonight and thought I'd fill the time with baking." and my first thought was..."oh! I remember that! I had time to kill at one time... maybe 5 months ago..." Granted, the guilty part of me knows that the night hours from 8:30 on, are usually spent doing nothing important aside from folding laundry sometimes in front of the TV. I really should just go to bed, that would actually be helpful.

Even now I'm thinking, "you're wasting time..." but I sort of just need to get out a list of things to do before I forget them. Some are important some are not but I'm not very good at deciphering between the two. For me, if I have the thought that I should do something, it can often drive me crazy until I do matter how small it seems.

To do:
  1. Ha! what do you know, I'm drawing a blank...this is not a good sign. Wait! its back, 1. get to a Scotia bank to pay back the cash Chris' cousin lent us when we first moved here and couldn't get enough Canadian money to pay for our house deposit.
  2. go grocery shopping: milk, bread, fruit, vegetables
  3. Make dinner: rice and stir fry vegetables with the pork Dixie froze for us
  4. clean and sanitize the bathrooms...gotta keep the germs down
  5. mow the lawn (I have a feeling this one won't happen for a while, but it still needs to be done)
  6. Get to a Rogers Telecommunications store and get set up with Canadian cell phone stuff.
  7. Write or email thank you cards for all the thoughtful things people have given/sent us
  8. go through finances to pay bills: electricity, American credit cards
  9. Get my lesson together for Relief Society (at least I have two-ish weeks for this)
  10. sweep or wipe down all the upstairs...dust builds up fast on hardwood
  11. clean up the backyard and find somewhere indoors to put our big camping buckets that are just strewn about the patio.
  12. organize all the paperwork we got at Chris' first chemo treatment into a binder...just in time for his next treatment on Monday.
  13. water the house plants
  14. finish unpacking the books and pictures and arrange them better on the bookcases
  15. finish getting the bathrooms settled with places for hand towels and toothbrushes
  16. find a better system for jackets/purses...maybe another board with hooks by the back door?
  17. Make separate church bags for the boys (not a need, but I think it would GREATLY improve Sacrament Meeting behavior)
  18. organize the medicine so its not spilling out all over the pantry and falling where kids can get at it all
  19. better yet, organize the entire pantry better so things don't fall off the shelves.
  20. When do we need to get snow tires? or even snow boots/pants/jackets for everyone in the family...its probably better to have them before you need them.
  21. I think the gas in the van is almost out
  22. The front room "needs" some color and pillows
  23. tidy the top of our dresser...which means figuring out a better system for my necklaces and such...any cute ideas? I'm thinking something in an empty frame on the wall....
  24. continue the daily clean up of kids messes, in and out of the kitchen. Like the following baby powder party Gwen and Charlie had last week:

Well... that feels better a little bit. Now hopefully there's enough time left of quiet/nap time to have some personal study time. I really just want to nap, was that on my list somewhere? First though I better go see why Gwen is STILL crying. She probably has a little surprise for me in her diaper.


Jess said...

I feel like that is my to-do list every day and as soon as I cross off one another thing pops up that I need to do :) Never ending, I'm afraid. We sure miss you guys and love you!

Amy said...

I love how happy Gwen looks at her baby powder party!

And, I'm sure everyone will understand if they don't get a thank-you note. The last thing they want to do right now is add one more thing to your to-do list (which is impressively long, by the way!)

And, I think that, in general,
trying to cross things off a to-do list after 8pm in counter-productive in the long run. Everyone needs a little R&R.

Good luck, Brittney!! Wish I could invite your kids over to play, both because we'd love to play with them, and it sounds like you could use the time!

Katie B. said...

Wow. You have cleaning instincts. I seem to have been born without them. Don't get me wrong--I have tidying instincts. But deep cleany stuff like sanitizing and dusting just never calls to me. Luckily, it does to Jeff. :)

Also, sounds like moving to a new country is on a new level of complicated from moving to a new state: new banks, new phone company, etc.

Best of luck!

Shelly Beth said...

Good luck with it all and don't get down on yourself if you don't get to everything. As for the necklaces, I saw a cute idea with chicken wire behind a painted, empty picture frame. This works for earrings at least :) Good luck. And YES. TAKE A NAP :)

Ryan + Jess said...

It made me tired just to read your list. So ambitious. I'm just thinking that my house looks like a typhoon hit it. Maybe I should start a list too.
Wish I were there to help. (dixie)

mmbateman said...

Ok, I'm really exhausted after reading this post! Your plate is FULL Brittney! WIth the exception of Chris's little bump in the road (Well, BIG bump), you are living the dream. :) Love you! So fun to see your picture on Temple square with Emily!

merilee said...

I agree with Marie...your list makes me exhausted just looking at it. It does seem to be never-ending. Your kids are seriously so so cute!! I made something a few years ago using a poster frame and putting tulle inside, pulled really tight. I use it for earrings that have a hook thing. Not sure how to make it work with necklaces, but you are way more creative than I am...good luck! Love you Britt :)

Anonymous said...

Why don't you add "sign up and look at an internet account that can potentially consume all of your time and distract you from getting everything else you need done" to your list. :)
Have you heard of they have cute decor ideas, people post pictures and sometimes they write how to make them. They usually look cheap to make :(
I have the same things on my list, especially the disinfecting. It's been a while, dogs and kids put the kabosh on cleanliness.
Don't feel bad about your list you have 3 kids who undo everything as fast as you get them done. It is the nature of this time in your life. We really do it all ourselve don't we. We are amazing! You are amazing!
Sorry about the new country confusion. I hope everything comes to a close soon!

tericksen said...

Oh Britty, how I wish it were cheaper to fly up there and just take half your list off your plate, & do it for you. My lists are always endless and Todd has helped me to just prioritize: "if there is just one thing you need to get done today, what would it be? Two things?" etc etc :) though you're a smart lady, I'm sure you already do that :) love you.

Barb: said...

I got an idea from a magazine that I use for my necklaces... you take the head of an old garden rake and put it up on the wall and hang your necklaces from it. Cute and rustic. I can send a pic if you want.
Take the list one at a time and don't get overwhelmed by it. You guys are amazing. I'm glad your Utah trip for the wedding was nice and that Dixie was in Canada to help.

Alicia S said...

I am so amazed at how you're doing! Just moving to a new state was overwhelming for us . . . I can't imagine a new country along with chemo. We're praying for you and admire your faith and example!

LML said...

Hey Girl!
Miss you! Oh my goodness! At least you're trying to accomplish your to-do's...I just let mine pile up when I am too tired. I actually take the nap and deal with the mess later! Sooner or later I'll have to clean it up! I've been there, with moving and not knowing anyone, with all little ones it tow who don't know much about helping but know ALOT about making messes, with dealing with sickness in some form or the other (Lyme Disease albeit not cancer). I never watched the movie "Click" with Adam Sandler all the way through but I have often thought it would be great to have a remote that just freezes my kids while I got everything I needed to get done and then unfreeze them. Maybe a way to get a little time for yourself could be to put on a special program for your kids once a day at least while you are in this transitional/stressful phase. I don't know if yours are old enough to sit and watch a tv program like pbs or baby einstein or something like that. It can be a treat for them and for you.! When my kids goat a little older, I started telling my kids that I was having my quiet time they learned to leave me alone and play (Gwen is still too young for that...). It was time where I could just read, or think or have peace! It also could be a time where you just are able to mark 1 thing off your list and whittle it down every few days or so! You know that quote "when mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!". Those are just a few things that have helped me! I know you'll get into your own swing of things but it does take time to find your groove. All the best Brittany! I am glad Chris is blogging and I am hopeful for him getting well!


LML said...

Oh and please pardon all my spelling errors!!