Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall colors

On my drive home in the early morning from a run I noticed this colorful tree along our alleyway. I took Gwen out to help me take pictures.

Later that afternoon we had to drop off and then pick up Chris at work for a few hours in the afternoon thereby giving us some time to kill around the University/River/Downtown area.

These Fall colors just keep calling my name and I thought it would be stunning to see them around the river. I drove around until I found some parks that looked promising.

Then we spied a trail that led down to the water.

We had to explore and ended up throwing rocks in the water for a while.

Charlie found a triangle rock.

It was pretty muddy so I kept having to pull Gwen away for the water's edge. She is really starting to have an opinion and did NOT like me pulling her away. In fact when it was time to go she threw the biggest fit I've ever seen her throw and kept trying to literally RUN back to the river no matter how far away from it we walked.

Turns out, Chris needed to stay a bit longer so we drove across a bridge to explore the river from the other side. We found this pedestrian bridge and decided to cross it. It was SO windy. I was curious if Gwen would be frightened by walking on this skinny, high, windy thing...but no. She loved it. Alec was nervous enough for both of them and always kept a hand right by her.

You can see some of Edmonton a bit in the background. In some places it has a bigger city feel than I expected.

We've really enjoyed our Fall here. It is BEAUTIFUL and its everywhere. I kept saying over and over in an excited voice, "Isn't this pretty! Wow, this is so amazing" as we walked through leaves with a warm-ish wind on our faces. Alec started making fun of me by saying in a silly voice, "this is so pretty, this is so pretty..." Mock all you want, Alec... I will still keep saying it.


MandaMommy said...

Looks fun and beautiful! Gwen's fit mannerisms are very similar to Miles'! It's cute (when it's not frustrating...)!

brittany said...

I love how adventurous you are being with the kids on your own. Send some of that fall weather way down here to texas. It looks so beautiful.

Katie B. said...

Yaay for Fall! It's only just started changing colors and getting cool in Utah.

Nikki CB said...

Beautiful photos! I love the joy in the photos of the kids running in the leaves.

Anonymous said...

Favortie pics are the crazy angle one of the Alec in the forefront and the one of Alec keeping a hand close to Gwen. Darling. glad yo uare enjoying Edmonton.

Radene said...

So glad you're enjoying the fall. We LOVE the fall where we are too. Great photography too Britt. Those pictures look great!