Friday, October 21, 2011

Food Fail

This week has seen its share of kitchen fails. Two nights in a row dinner was just off: too much salt/seasonings in the chicken broccoli rice thing, and too much tomato and/or BBQ sauce in the chili I tried to whip up in 10 minutes mixing cans of everything into a pot. UGH! I guess recipes do exist for a reason and I should learn to cook with them more.

But tonight's fail beat them both. We were safe with dinner, since we grabbed some fast food on the way home from picking up Chris from work. But I have had this craving for a good donut ever since we moved here, I was hoping to find a nice mom-and-pops kind of shop that made world class donuts. There's one in my home town (or to be more precise the town right next to my home town) called "Donuts" or lovingly referred to as Lakewood Donuts for any local. They are perfect. Light, Big, Substantial, Soft, and not too sweet.

Anyway I'm sure you can see where this is going... no good donuts here = try to make my own = FAIL. I guess the temperature of the oil is pretty tricky and important so just throwing some yummy dough into a bunch of hot-ish oil for however long it takes to think they could be done is not a good idea. I made two kinds, chocolate cake donuts and regular potato flake donuts with maple glaze. The chocolate ones looked like burnt pieces of cow pies and tasted like crunchy sugar. I haven't fried up the regular ones yet because I gave up.

I gave up because it was 30 minutes past bedtime and NONE of the kids had naps today and the doorbell rings. Oh yeah, we had home teachers coming over! The house was a wreck and smelled like oil and burnt chocolate and Gwen kept grabbing at my shirt because she was tired and wanted to nurse to sleep. Somehow amidst all of this I still found it cute. I've not nursed my boys this long where they were aware enough to ask for it. Still I felt like this:

Anyway, I finally got the house a bit cleaner and am waiting for Chris to get back from the store with balloons for Charlie's birthday tomorrow.... and a deep fryer with temperature control so we can fry up the rest of the donuts.


lanaface said...

Whoa! 2 of my dinners were terrible this week too! 2 crock pot nastiness!

lrbodine said...

Oh I miss Lakewood Donuts! I have yet to find a replacement in my new city either. My mom used to make us homemade donuts every October but I am pretty sure she used a deep fryer. Hope your second attempt works!

dixie said...

You're so ambitious! I'm sorry that after all that work the first batch didn't turn out. Hope the next ones were perfect. I've been craving donuts too. Must be the connection with Halloween or something. Happy Birthday to Charlie!

brittany said...

I feel your pain. Sounds like a couple days I have had lately. Hope dinners have gotten better!

Hawks said...

So sad!! I had Lakewood Donuts in August. They are still the best and I have never found a place better.