Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family Home Evening

We've been reading about King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon as a family and so for FHE on Monday when we suggested building some scripture stories out of Duplos the boys thought of the big tower and all the tents. We had fun building it all and even took turns being the King and announcing stuff to the people. We were trying to focus on the whole, "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God" spiel but when it was their turn to be Benjamin, somehow both boys only remembered to say that Mosiah would be the next King. I guess that is more exciting. I took my moment in the spotlight to talk about how we should all be kind to everyone, all the time. Wouldn't we all be happier? One of these times at least some of it has got to start sinking in, right?

The funny thing is Gwen starting doing it too! She'd walk up behind the duplo tower and say gibberish in a commanding and loud voice. We all laughed so hard at that. It was such a fun moment I wanted to take a picture and, of course / as usual, it took only the few moments while I got the phone out to have it all break down into utter chaos. The pictures are still funny though.

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lanaface said...

Bahaha! Gwen, what a funny girl. I'm glad the boys still know so much about the Book of moron already! they knew who that next prophet was, wow! That is amazing Brittney. You have to share your teaching tips more often, this was a great idea and I'm sure Jasmine would have gotten up on the wall and said "go get me some milk and cookies, I'm the King and you have to do what I say!" You have such good children.