Monday, November 7, 2011

Go Bald, be bold

Yes, the time some of you have been waiting for has finally come. The time to go bald and be bold. We shaved Chris' head this morning. I guess he gave a good tug on his hair in the shower and came away with quite the handful. We've had a good run with keeping most of his hair through the first 4 chemo treatments. It lasted longer than we thought but... now its gone.

We'd like to extend an invitation to any of you who want to join us in this venture. Shave your head or get it cut short, make a big change of some kind and SEND US A PICTURE. (preferably before and after). We'd love to do a little post about you on this blog to help document the love and support we've been so blessed to have been given.

And to my mom, I want to say I'm sorry that its come to this, I know you were really hoping we wouldn't have to do it and also I think it is important to say that even if any of you don't shave your head or make a big change, we still know you love us, so there should be no pressure for anyone to do this. Personally, I think I may have been waiting for a reason to go short myself and here it is! I hope Canada does Locks of Love or something similar. I'll post pictures of my haircut as soon as it happens. :)


Gwendolyn watched the entire procedure and Alec and Charlie ran right up to him at the end to feel it. As Chris leaned toward Gwen to let her have a feel, she slowly backed up a step at a time until he stopped asking her. I know he felt a little sad and was nervous she would be scared of him. He got all cleaned off and slowly walked to her to give her a hug and reassure her that he's still "Daddy." I got the camera out to shoot a video, half expecting her to run away crying based on her behavior so far, but check out her reaction:


So tender! She gave him a kiss and a hug. We love that little Gwendolyn Rose.


Aaron, Cera, Jaylen and Gavin said...

I would send you a picture of Aaron, but that wouldn't be fair! :) I bet Chris will love head rubs- Aaron absolutely melts since he's gone bald.

Thinking about you guys alot. Hope things continue to go well and he kicks this thing FAST! Love you!

trogonpete said...

woot!!! here I come! [tomorrow, maybe :o)]

Katie B. said...

I love the, "Hair Fight!" in the background of the movie with Gwen. :)

lrbodine said...

Mail your hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths campaign. That's what I did in honor of my mom a couple of years ago (and will do it again next summer). They donate all of their wigs for FREE to cancer patients. Better than Locks of Love who charges for their wigs!

I know it's a hard step to lose the hair in the cancer fight - but we're praying for your family!

dixie said...

This did make me cry, but the video with little Gwen was so sweet. You brave brave family! We love you!

The Breakwell Family said...

I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and your family, Brittney. Keep staying strong. You are so good about updating your blog...I'm not so good about mine or about reading others others, but I wanted to see how you guys were doing. You guys are awesome. I saw what one of your friends' comments about Beautiful Lengths. I've donated my hair a few times now, and last time donated it to them and I think it is awesome that the hair specifically goes for cancer patients. Take Care. Love ya lots

Radene said...

That is precious. Love that little Gwen!

lanaface said...

I will be cutting my hair short too. I'm thinking a bob.

I just love the kiss form Gwen and the 'hair fight' in the background. I just love you Brittney for supporting your husband so well!

Anna said...

Precious. Priceless! Thank you for sharing this with us. It touches my heart and strengthens my faith. You are a wonderful family and we miss you!