Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Alec is thankful for his new bunkbed, turkey, Jesus, healthy food, paper to draw with, leaves to jump in, toys and being thankful.

Charlie is thankful for a clean blanket, new house, his best friends Ally and Lukey, muffins, church, bananas, Mommy and Daddy, and snow.

Gweny is (I'm sure) thankful for her lovey and blanket, necklaces, trains to drive "choo choo", Mommy's and Daddy's laps, grapes, raisins, milk, her entertaining brothers, and markers.

Chris is thankful for neupogen, blankets, our nice van, life cereal, doctors, and me and the kids.

I am thankful for music, Chris, Charlie, Alec and Gwen, holidays, Jesus Christ, books, a dishwasher, visits from family and friends and dark chocolate.

Chris' boss is also American and he and his wife and 2 sons invited everyone in his research group over to his house for Thanksgiving dinner at 6:00pm. Knowing the place/time and the number of kid-less people there, we opted to find a babysitter for our kids and enjoy a night of adult interaction and yummy food. But we couldn't leave our kids ThanksgivingDinner-less so we had a lunch with all the fixings as a family.

It was fun. Besides Chris' help with the mashed potatoes and the jello, I made everything else by myself taking a few shortcuts for sanity's sake: boxed stuffing and canned cranberries and sherbet with sprite instead of the traditional homemade slush drink. We tried to ease up on the stress of the day so I prepared well the days ahead making the rolls, pies and jello earlier in the week.


Ryan + Jess said...

Good for you!! Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. Love you!

dixie said...

You made quite a feast! It looks so delicious. Way to go. Missing you!

lanaface said...

Aww, how sweet. Love all the thankful fors. what is neupogen? Glad you got an adult night out.

Anne said...

thinking of you guys and missing you. Looks like a tasty meal.