Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It snowed over this past weekend! The first snow. The boys (and even myself if I'm honest enough) are so excited! Before breakfast...so this is saying a lot with my hungry boys... they put on all their new-to-them snow gear and headed outside to play. Gwen, of course, wanted to follow but on her first walk about, she fell, got snow on her face and started crying.

I thought this would be the end of it for her. But she's a tough cookie and continued to play along side the boys for much longer.

Alec was actually a bit of a help shoveling the driveway. Charlie also likes to "noe plow" the snow with his Daddy. For some reason he has a hard time saying the "s" in "snow" so it usually comes out "noe." In this picture Alec is shoveling and Charlie is laying down int he middle of the driveway. He LOVED to lay down in the snow.

Alec asked if it was going to snow every day and I said " No, like tomorrow, it won't snow but it will happen more... I think next Thursday." Later that night, Alec had a hard time going to bed. He was crying pretty loud and told us he didn't want to go to bed because there wouldn't be snow tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure many Edmontonians would be laughing at us, crying for more snow and playing like crazy people in the measly 1.5 inches we got.


MandaMommy said...

Super awesome!! I always get excited for the first rain here in the fall... We both know how that turns out. But it doesn't keep it from being exciting the first few times! We're wishing we could play in it with you!

Jess said...

Oh fun!! Take advantage of the warm snow days for sure. I guess snow is new for your kids! I'm excited for the first snow fall here :)

Miss you guys!

dixie said...

I'm sure you'll be looking back on this excitement in February when you can't wait for the snow to melt. Thank goodness that seasons change and we can always look forward to what is coming up. Wonderful pictures!

Radene said...

Ha ha, that's funny! Let me know if they still love it as much in 4 months? Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Gwen's snow outfit is to cute!