Thursday, December 29, 2011

Alec is 5!

Even though we've been excited and anticipating Alec's birthday for a while, especially Alec, it still is SO HARD to believe that he is 5. That is so big! Am I really the mother of a 5 year old?

Alec, obediently, stayed in bed on his birthday and gave Chris and I some time to make a breakfast for him. He LOVED getting breakfast in bed, beaming his way through his pancakes and yet either he was too excited or it was too early to be eating since he said he was full before even finishing 2 pancakes! Usually, this kid can down at least 6 and sometimes 8.

Birthday Balloon Parade:
Grandma and Grandpa had to leave in the morning to drive back home to Provo, so we opened presents with them before they left. Alec's cousin, Jackson, is turning 2 this week and so we also celebrated Jackson's birthday!

Alec requested a superman cake and specifically mentioned "like Charlie had Buzz Lightyear on his cake." We don't have any duplo supermen, so Chris and I ran out to the store to see about finding a small superman action figure but were disappointed and came home empty handed. Then Chris had the brilliant idea to make a little superman outfit for a duplo person. So we tried to do that and Alec seemed to appreciate our efforts, even if it wasn't quite what he had in mind.

We decided we needed to get out of the house and so we all piled in our van and drove to this pretty park near the University where we hiked for a bit down to the frozen river. I was pretty sure there had been a bit of beach before the water started and so I walked down with the kids on it, but Chris was pretty convinced based on the landscape (there were these big sheets of ice that had been jammed up on top of each other, like they were deposited there by a current) that we were probably standing over the water.

Either way it was fun and we decided to stay super close to the parts of land we could tell were snow covered sand/rocks. We saw a bunch of people ice skating over this huge pond we visited with my parents. It is a man-made pond and there were LOTS of people skating on it so we figured it was shallow and fairly safe so we walked on the ice for a bit. By then, we were all cold and decided to head home. I'm glad we got out and I could tell Alec thought it was fun, he said, "I didn't think of doing this fun thing on my birthday!"

Well, Alec, you're 5. You know the alphabet, and can write all the letters, and even can sound out short words. You can count up to thirty and even to 100 with small amounts of help, but usually forget the number 13. You can add and even sometimes subtract and love to do "tricky" things. You make AMAZING mazes for us to do and love to figure out difficult mazes. You can throw, kick, jump, swing a club or bat with amazing accuracy, surpassing many 8 year old boys. You are very sweet with Gwen and Jackson and other little kids and babies. You love to play with Charlie and come up with fun games all the time. You love to read books and play computer games and wii. You have the first 3.5 Articles of Faith memorized and can sing many songs all by yourself, and mostly get the right notes! You have recently gotten into coloring and stay in the lines well, and use appropriate-to-real-life colors. You draw with detail and imagination and can focus on this for a long time.

We are so lucky to be your parents and appreciate your patience as we try our our parenting on you and your ability to cope well with the many "oldest-child" burdens we sometimes unintentionally place on your shoulders. I couldn't ask for a better first born, and we love you dearly. Happy Birthday, Alec!


MandaMommy said...

Happy Birthday Alec!! We miss you! I hope being 5 is a super big adventure for you!

lanaface said...

Aww, fun birthday!