Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting Out

Its intimidating to take the three kids out by myself to some place new but Chris could really use a quiet house in his post-chemo days. So while Tiffany was here, we capitalized on an adult's set of hands and exploring companion and had a lot of fun vising new parts of Edmonton.

First off, we got our hair cut! Tiff and I have petitioned Chris for admittance into his Hall of Baldness. (He's trying to get out one post a day and its a little backed up at the moment... we had NO IDEA we'd get such an awesome turnout. It practically brings him to tears with every new inductee) I don't have a good picture of our final cuts, yet. It was dumb of me not to get one on the first day, since my friend who cut my hair got it to look better than I ever will be able to replicate.

Another day we checked out their (indoor) Botanical Gardens at the Muttart Conservatory. Very pretty and it was nice to have a change of scene/climate for a few minutes in each of the glass pyramids. The boys favorite was the Tropical Pyramid. The "Seasonal" one was full of blue and white poinsettias...really cool.

We also went to the West Edmonton Mall, rumored to be the biggest mall in the world. It has a casino, hotel, ice skating rink, water park, amusement park, pirate ship, sea lion show, miniature golf, climbing wall, restaurant alley, food court, and of course lots and lots of stores....all under one roof.

Throughout the week we explored the local craft options and found a cool/cheap fabric store. I'm making a big bean bag for the boys for Christmas. I hope I finish it and that it turns out OK... I'm not so sure those will both happen.

We also kicked off the Christmas Season by getting a REAL tree from IKEA for $20! They're all wrapped up so you don't really know what it'll look like but I'm quite pleased with ours! Chris had to cut a bit off to fit it in the house.

Also there is something here called the Festival of Trees and with Tiffany, I was brave enough to drive downtown and try and see it with the kids. So many trees donated and decorated by various organizations and then you can buy them and proceeds go to charity or something. There were lots of elementary school musical groups performing while we were there and the kids decorated gingerbread men, visited a make-believe hospital and sat on Santa's lap! I didn't know he'd be there and we've not had good success in the past getting the boys to sit on his lap, but this year they did great. It was Gwen who wasn't too sure about the whole situation.

Gwen loved her cookie so much she wouldn't let go of the bag. Even to eat her cookies, one in each hand, like usual. She has got such a sweet tooth. I don't know where she gets it...oh wait, I do, its from me.

Tiffany made us yummy food: baked egg rolls, Chinese chicken salad, white bean turkey chili, and lime/cilantro burritos, and arrived bearing gifts from her, others and Mom and Dad: shirts, candy, Christmas music, banana bread, spiced nuts, someone's old iphone for Chris! We really had such a fun time, fit a lot in, and as it typically turns out with Tiffany and I, still didn't do all we planned to do. :)


Aaron, Cera, Jaylen and Gavin said...

Love your hair! So fun to have Tiffany up there. I'm glad you enjoyed the banana bread, because we smelled it ALL day while it was being made. Smelled DELICIOUS!

MandaMommy said...

AHHHHHH I miss you so much!!! That looks like a really fun time! It's so awesome that Tiffany was able to get up there and that you got to do so much fun stuff. And I have a sneaking suspicion that that was your short hair in a couple of those pictures... I can't wait to see it in the Hall of Baldness! It makes you and Tiff look very much like sisters! (And what I saw looked super cute!!!!! Seriously, what were you waiting for all this time? SUPER cute.)

Ryan + Jess said...

that looks like so much fun! Your hair looks so cute...from what I could see :) You cut a LOT OFF!!! Love it!

good luck with your Christmas projects. I'm just hoping I get all mine done, too :)

Brett and Linnae said...

I love time with sisters!! And I love your cute short hair!! I wish I lived closer to you so I could come and visit and help with your kids- I am glad you have had so many people to be there for you! Hope you have a great holiday season!! You and your sweet family are in our prayers!

dixie said...

Such cute cuts! How many inches did you cut off? I didn't realize how long it had grown. And so great that you could do so many fun things together! Yeah for sisters.

Anonymous said...

Love the cuts! So glad you had so much fun with Tiff! Sister time is awesome!

tericksen said...

Good times. Missing you oodles...