Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas

We had a fun ward party last week and Chris was asked to put together the slide show for it. Our Bishop asked everyone to do some service as a family as the Christmas season approached and to record thoughts about how our testimonies grew. It was a fun challenge in many ways. One, it really did bring a sweet spirit into our home as we planned and carried out our service idea involving widows and other elderly. Two, I think a few of the families in our ward chose to serve our family! Maybe I'm too selfish or something, but I loved being thought of and I loved the help. One family brought us ice cream one Monday Night and told us they wanted to babysit our kids, once a week, for free, for Chris and I to go on Dates. And the awesome-est thing is that they actually kept calling to schedule it! The weeks Chris has chemo he hasn't really felt like going out, but the other weeks we've gone out to dinner, the temple and I even got to go out alone to do some Christmas shopping. Another girl in the ward has come over twice to help tend the kids and fold laundry while I did some deep cleaning. Another Mother and daughter team has brought over many frozen meals, sewed my kids Halloween costumes and make an effort to sit by me in Relief Society to help with Gwen and even took her out for the entire class one day when she was being particularly squirrel-y.

Maybe all these people are simply just nice amazing people and we weren't their Christmas Service project. Either way, service has been a fun thing this Christmas season and its made a difference in the way I feel closer to my Savior during this special time.

Thom and Brittany let us help out with a little card for Edward (Chris and Thom's brother on a mission in Mexico). Each family spelled out a different word. I think it was a great idea and it turned out great.


Jess said...

That made me cry!! I'm so glad you have lots of helpers. I love that about the gospel- no matter where you go you have a built-in support group.

Love you guys!

Katie B. said...

Aw! What a good way to make Christmas special. I'll have to remember that one.

nicole said...

great picture! i am so glad you have such great friends and helpers. we miss you!

Anonymous said...

Sure loved the way you spelled Christmas, that was radical.

So glad you have given and recieved at this special time of year. Its a time when many pepole notice more than during the rest of the year. Super glad you guys got to get out and have extra meals ready to go if you need them!

waqar qureshi said...

I liked it and really it is so interesting and wonderful information, too!

Radene said...

Fun! Great update and that is so sweet of the people in your ward. I love the date babysitting service! Awesome! Love you guys!