Friday, December 9, 2011

my little sidekick

Our little Gweny is SO super darn cute, seriously. And I'm not at all biased...well I AM biased but I'm not wrong. Every Sunday she charms practically everyone we sit around at church, almost to the point of distraction.

Even her "no" is cute. At least her quiet "no." She has a loud whiney yelly "no" too and that one is not so cute. But I like the one where she slightly tilts her head down, looks up at me and while doing short jerky shakes with her head, quietly chirps: "No... no..."

While I usually can smile at this next antic of hers, it also can bug me quite a bit if my mood is just right, or maybe I should say, wrong. She follows me everywhere.

If I am doing the dishes, she'll pull up her stool, sit down, and "help" by taking out dirty dishes or putting in clean ones. (Actually today, she really was a help putting away the clean silverware in the right spot saying, " 'poon" "fohk")

If I sit down to play the piano, she'll run over, demand to sit next to me on the bench, not on my lap, and proceeds to pound on the keys. I found if I put her up by the high keys it's not as ruinous to my attempt at a song.

If I'm making dinner she'll pull a stool (or lately its been a kitchen chair!) to watch and grab at then eat whatever food is within her reach...the entire block of cheese, if she's lucky. Can you spy her sneaky little hand? In the second picture, I believe she is holding a bag of frozen peas eating them one by one (funny thing is she usually hates peas and refuses to eat them).

If I'm at the computer she'll bring her stool over and stand up looking at the screen trying to reach for the mouse or keyboard keys.

If I'm folding laundry she'll pull a chair over and sit by me; handing me items of clothing and saying, "ee-uh" ("here") faster than I can fold them.

If I run upstairs to turn on the oven or run downstairs to switch a batch of laundry she notices I'm gone within seconds and if she's tired she'll start crying for me sadly making her way in my direction. If she's not tired she'll call after me and/or just start following. Most of the time it's kinda fun to have a side kick.


MandaMommy said...

She's super cute! I'm glad you like having a sidekick...

Barb: said...

So cute. And I love that you have a picture of the many instances where she is your sidekick. Oh, and I love your haircut!

Radene said...

Great Gwen update. What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Funny! Jasmine does the same thing. She helps seperate dirty laundry by colors and such. Sure love the help!

dixie said...

What a wonderful shadow for you! Can't wait to see her soon.