Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank you, Canada

Thank you, Canada...
  • for hands-down better Oreos
  • for free health care
  • for Shreddies (like wheat chex but... better)
  • for yummier Chocolate
  • for the best store bought Egg Nog in the World.
  • for heartier and tastier Graham Crackers
  • for generally extra kind and helpful people
  • for forcing me to watch hockey (its slowly growing on me)
  • for SUPER cold and normal tasting water straight off the tap

But most of all thank you for

  • easing us into winter this year!

We've been so lucky to have such a mild winter so far. Its been REALLY GREAT. As is evidenced by the following pictures. This is the ravine near our house. Chris was working from home last week during his few good days and I begged for a break so we could take advantage of the stunningly nice day.

We found a spot where I remembered kids wading across a section of this small river in the Fall, so we figured based on that and the fact that we saw tons of footprints in the snow, it was safe enough to walk across.

And now... the Canadian Winter we've heard so much about is coming. The average HIGH for the next week and a half is -14 C or 6 F. And that isn't a bad week, its what all of December was supposed to be like. There is a couple day streak of -20, so... I won't be running. And then this cold spell is supposed to end in a big snow dump, or so I hear. Lets hope we can face the next few months with all the exhuberance of an 18 month old!


MandaMommy said...

Oh boy! Good luck with the col weather! Time to get some snowshoes are cross country skis? And a bike trailer with the ski attachments. :o) Also, what's different about that food? Like the Oreos and graham crackers? Less high fructose corn syrup?

MandaMommy said...

Wow, nice typos, me.

KDB said...

Hey Brittney-I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you. I hope that 2012 will be a brighter year for your family. Keep taking care. sending love, prayers, and hugs your way