Saturday, January 28, 2012

We survived

The coldest week of the winter to date has passed and we survived! Mostly because my mom came in towards the tail end of it and provided relief, entertainment and companionship.

We started off the festivities with cake and surprises to celebrate my mom's birthday that happened just before she arrived. Then we partied with movies and treats and games all week. She babysat the kids so Chris and I could go to the temple and out to dinner and a movie. Although, the movie theater was sold out for all of the shows we were interested in, even the one not starting for another 45 min. Crazy! So we went to Walmart and bought a movie (ended up getting 3) and a treat (or rather MANY treats).

Then we all went to church and Gwen had her 2nd Sunday in Nursery! She's doing great at being left there by herself and only cries for 30 seconds during the transition. The teachers are really helpful with her and she really seems to enjoy the snacks, songs, dolls etc... Hooray! On Monday my mom caught me up on all the laundry, helped me clean the bathrooms and made bread/scones with me for dinner.

Then the next day was chemo day and Mom babysat so I could go with Chris. This time around he started getting all quiet and withdrawn the night before (his Neupogen shots were giving him some pretty bad back pain this time around and he was on Tylenol for most of the weekend). He just laid in bed with his eyes closed and his beanie pulled down over his eyes for the entire treatment. No conversation at all. The lady in the bed next to him was on her first treatment and was very talkative, so I eventually moved to sit closer to her, in case our talking bothered Chris. Everyone thought Chris was just sleeping through it all and made comments like, " wow, good for him, lucky, etc.." I knew better. I could tell he wasn't actually asleep. His breathing wasn't deep and he shifted slightly every now and then. He really must feel pretty awful to pretend to sleep for 5 hours straight. Even though I felt didn't do much for him he told me he was glad I was there. Grabbing him extra blankets, rubbing his shoulder, making all the necessary pleasantries with nurses/etc for him was actually helpful I guess.

The next day was Mom's last day and we FINALLY made it to the West Edmonton Mall with my mom! Its the biggest mall in the world and it was really fun to show it to her. So big and amazing.

It was so nice to have my mom there and help with laundry, meals, cleaning up, watching the kids, spoiling me with groceries, a new spring form pan and a bunt pan! Also it was lots of fun to have a partner in crime for yummy treats and movies. I am paying for it now though. I really need to find some motivation for exercising more and treating less.


nicole said...

So glad your mom came to visit! Sounds like fun! And yummy!

dixie said...

All the treats sound yummy! We're so glad that your mom was there and that you had such great time together. Hang in there. Can't wait to come up!!

merilee said...

Sounds like a pretty fun time! Your mom is the best :) She always knows what to do to help make things fun. My heart goes out to Chris...I hope he's feeling better? Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

This melts my heart Brittney.You have such sweet children and an adoring mother. Such treasured memories you've been having in Canada!
I'm sorry Chris was having so much pain this time around. I wish so much that he wasn't in pain. I know the feeling of not being able to help further than the blankets and back rubs. I know what it feels like, it stinks. My love and prayers are with you, Chris, and your little angels.

And P.S. i need to do less treating too and more exercising.