Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rocky Ski Mountain

It feels like I thought an Edmonton Winter would be! We got dumped on today with about 2 feet of snow. Its light powdery goodness that doesn't make for good snowballs or snowmen but sure is fun to tromp through and fall into. Chris managed to create a big ramp in the backyard and we bought some short plastic kid skis that strap onto snow boots. The boys had a fun time being placed at the top by Chris and then trying to ski down to my open arms. Charlie sure had fun and loved every second of his attempts. He'd slid for a few inches and then fall back on his bum. Alec was also very eager to have his turn and mostly smiled throughout it all. He did really well and slid down the whole hill to me, bending his knees and leaning forward, falling into me at the bottom. The boys stayed outside to play longer than Chris and I and pretty much wrecked the ramp, but not before making up a cool name for it -- Rocky Ski Mountain.

It was such a fun day/evening since we finished it off with hot chocolate by a fire inside. We bathed the kids and then turned off all the lights in the house to get them pajama-ed and ready for bed in front of the fire. After bed time, Chris and I enjoyed the sound and light of the fire as we sat in the bean bag next to it and talked for most of the evening.

Almost all day I've had some lyrics from the song, "Mushaboom" by Fiest in my head.. "knee-ee-eee-eee deep snow... watchin' the fire as we grow old..." Reminds me of a lovely vision I had last month that I'll share on a blog post sometime soon.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Robin Hood and Nephi

Charlie found his old Robin Hood costume from two Halloweens ago and learned how to notch the arrow in his bow and shoot it by himself. This was 6 days ago. He has played NONSTOP with it since then, or at least until the bow broke two days ago. Its hard to recall ever seeing more sorrow in his face then I did when he showed me his broken bow.

Chris helped Charlie think about Nephi when he broke his bow and how sad everyone was that they couldn't find any food to eat anymore. But the best part of that story was when Nephi made a new bow, went hunting and brought home food for the family.

So we're in the process of making him a new bow. And yesterday and today Charlie has been happy with walking around the house carrying the new stick we found for it. Cute kid. We better make it for him soon although it has been nice to not constantly dodge arrows or explain to Gwen that Charlie is still playing with the arrow even though it just flew away from him and also Chris's eye has enjoyed the time to heal.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Open gym gymnastics for preschoolers

A friend told me about this gymnastics place that let's kids play around on all their equipment for 90 min, 3 days a week (for a small fee of course). We went this morning. It was so fun! A great spot to let them run, jump, climb, tumble, and swing to their hearts content.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

lots of lovin

Happy Valentines Day! Heart shaped toast with our porridge / mush this morning and delivering valentines at a nearby nursing home and heart-shaped egg in toast for lunch and totally surprising Chris with having snuck into his office last night to tape up an embarrassingly amount of paper hearts/garlands/messages I surprised him with small gifts and framed pictures of our family...this all completes our Love day celebrations -- thus far. Now we'll take it easy tonight and top it off with some take out Indian food after the kids are in bed, a movie and a yummy dessert. This is more than we usually do for Valentines Day but right now we can use the smallest of excuses to have a party. I'm totally missing our EV shindigs.

We had so much fun with Grandma Dixie when she was here. She showers everybody with love. For the kids, that means play time. For me, that means help with clean up, meals, the kids, laundry and projects. For Chris, that means yummy food and good conversation. I didn't get any pictures of her, but the kids happy faces and the fun duvet covers we made together are evidence enough of her visit. I'm smiling too since I've been wanting to do something with that circus fabric I got from my Grandma for about 7 years and I've wanted to make jean quilts for my kids ever since my other grandma gave me one when I was 4 years old, and I've wanted to make matching covers for the boys' bunkbed ever since we ordered it over 2 years ago, let alone when we actually GOT it almost 1 year ago. Anyway, you get the picture that I'm really happy to have this project/dream done... AND to have it look so good is a total bonus and all due to Dixie's masterful quilting fingers.

Gwen was looking so cute today I needed to take some pictures. I could just eat her up sometimes.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


My mother-in-law and I finished some duvet covers for the boys while she was here this past week. I'm really happy with them. It's late and I want to give more details so I'll do another post soon but I just couldn't resist putting these up here now.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Kindergarten Registration

So I turned in the paperwork today to register Alec for Kindergarten! Here in Canada, he actually was supposed to start Kindergarten this past year! They have an odd cut off date of sometime in Feb/March. We checked out the schools when we first moved here and I ALMOST signed him up. We decided against it for a few reasons, the main one being our need to keep our home as germ-free as possible for the duration of Chris' chemo treatments. A kid in kindergarten is sure to bring home all kinds of bugs. Also, if we'd put him in last year, we would have needed to decide about repeating a grade (once we came back to the states) or letting him be way younger than all the kids in his future classes in the US...and then he'd be 3 grades ahead of Charlie, which seems odd since they're only 22 months apart. Plus, its not at all uncommon for people here to keep back their kids similar to Alec's age, so he won't be out of place next year.

ANYWAY....We took a walk to the school today. I carried Gwen in the hiking backpack (strollers in the crusty snow is a bit challenging) Alec walked and Charlie rode his balance bike. We played at the playground by the school a bit before we headed home. Our fingers, toes, noses and cheeks were pretty cold. Its about -5 C or 22 F, so not too cold, but not warm either.

Today we straightaway had hot chocolate after being outside. A few days ago, the remedy was to cuddle in the big blanket on the bean bag to watch a bit of a TV show while I made dinner. The cold is hard at times, but it sure is fun to snuggle and drink hot chocolate.

And still, in the cold, Charlie mostly wants to wear basketball shorts all day, every day. Most of the time I insist he have on some pj pants under his shorts, or some sweat pants/jeans over his shorts. A few times in the past few weeks I've not had the energy to fight him on this and he's gone a few places with only boots, shirt/jacket, hat and basketball shorts on. We get some funny looks and whats even crazier is one person said, "nice weather, today huh?" ...and they were dead serious. It was a whopping plus 4 C (39 F).

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

not our normal Monday

This week we actually got out of the house on Monday. We met a friend and her son at a near by Rec Center to check our their indoor play place. It was awesome! It wasn't too big but still managed to provide hours of entertainment. The climbing structure had a slide and was about 6 "structure stories" high, so the turning slide had at like 4 complete turns! It was actually just tall enough for me to quite comfortably walk little Gweny through. (hm... on second thought, maybe that says more about how short I am...). The floor had a mini street layout and a few big cars for kids to drive around. Turns out the flooring was done by the company that my Dad's company just teamed up with in Canada, pretty cool.

Later, as I cleaned up the usual Monday messes that I didn't do while we were out, the kids played mainly happily both together and then separately. The boys made a cool fort with this MASSIVELY large, family-sized "cuddle blanket" a kind lady from our church randomly made/gave us on Sunday. Gwen snuggled with them in the fort for a bit and then entertained herself in her room with the kitchen set. Her nursery leader told me on Sunday that Gwen set the table for snack by herself. Cute thing. She's turning into a little mama and was repeatedly trying to tell Alec to get his shoes on as we were leaving the Rec Center. "Alec, Alec, shoes! Shoes, Alec!" She brought them to him and wouldn't let it go until he had put them on....all the while I'm trying to get her attention to put on her own boots.

I really love those moments when I realize, "life is not crazy right now!" It made it easier to be calm and cool 30 minutes later when I was in the throws of getting dinner on the table and all the kids were screaming and crying and bugging each other and me.