Monday, February 6, 2012

Kindergarten Registration

So I turned in the paperwork today to register Alec for Kindergarten! Here in Canada, he actually was supposed to start Kindergarten this past year! They have an odd cut off date of sometime in Feb/March. We checked out the schools when we first moved here and I ALMOST signed him up. We decided against it for a few reasons, the main one being our need to keep our home as germ-free as possible for the duration of Chris' chemo treatments. A kid in kindergarten is sure to bring home all kinds of bugs. Also, if we'd put him in last year, we would have needed to decide about repeating a grade (once we came back to the states) or letting him be way younger than all the kids in his future classes in the US...and then he'd be 3 grades ahead of Charlie, which seems odd since they're only 22 months apart. Plus, its not at all uncommon for people here to keep back their kids similar to Alec's age, so he won't be out of place next year.

ANYWAY....We took a walk to the school today. I carried Gwen in the hiking backpack (strollers in the crusty snow is a bit challenging) Alec walked and Charlie rode his balance bike. We played at the playground by the school a bit before we headed home. Our fingers, toes, noses and cheeks were pretty cold. Its about -5 C or 22 F, so not too cold, but not warm either.

Today we straightaway had hot chocolate after being outside. A few days ago, the remedy was to cuddle in the big blanket on the bean bag to watch a bit of a TV show while I made dinner. The cold is hard at times, but it sure is fun to snuggle and drink hot chocolate.

And still, in the cold, Charlie mostly wants to wear basketball shorts all day, every day. Most of the time I insist he have on some pj pants under his shorts, or some sweat pants/jeans over his shorts. A few times in the past few weeks I've not had the energy to fight him on this and he's gone a few places with only boots, shirt/jacket, hat and basketball shorts on. We get some funny looks and whats even crazier is one person said, "nice weather, today huh?" ...and they were dead serious. It was a whopping plus 4 C (39 F).


MandaMommy said...

mmmmm! Sounds cozy! Although on your 39F day, I'm pretty sure you were SUPPOSED to be wearing flip-flops.

merilee said...

Cute! Love the picture of you and Gwen. Adorable. Exciting times coming with school!!!

Sean and Bethany said...

how exciting!! can't believe he's old enough for kindergarten already. you guys are adorable!! can't wait to see you again hopefully soon ... are you coming down to washington this year for a visit?

Hawks said...

SO FUNNY!! Love his shorts!

Anonymous said...

Wow! All that thinking and "if then..than" planning for Alec. It sound like you made the best choice to wait.
The pic of you and Gwen is adorable!
We have similar weather here in Pullman, and we go to the park every chance we get the sun.