Wednesday, February 1, 2012

not our normal Monday

This week we actually got out of the house on Monday. We met a friend and her son at a near by Rec Center to check our their indoor play place. It was awesome! It wasn't too big but still managed to provide hours of entertainment. The climbing structure had a slide and was about 6 "structure stories" high, so the turning slide had at like 4 complete turns! It was actually just tall enough for me to quite comfortably walk little Gweny through. (hm... on second thought, maybe that says more about how short I am...). The floor had a mini street layout and a few big cars for kids to drive around. Turns out the flooring was done by the company that my Dad's company just teamed up with in Canada, pretty cool.

Later, as I cleaned up the usual Monday messes that I didn't do while we were out, the kids played mainly happily both together and then separately. The boys made a cool fort with this MASSIVELY large, family-sized "cuddle blanket" a kind lady from our church randomly made/gave us on Sunday. Gwen snuggled with them in the fort for a bit and then entertained herself in her room with the kitchen set. Her nursery leader told me on Sunday that Gwen set the table for snack by herself. Cute thing. She's turning into a little mama and was repeatedly trying to tell Alec to get his shoes on as we were leaving the Rec Center. "Alec, Alec, shoes! Shoes, Alec!" She brought them to him and wouldn't let it go until he had put them on....all the while I'm trying to get her attention to put on her own boots.

I really love those moments when I realize, "life is not crazy right now!" It made it easier to be calm and cool 30 minutes later when I was in the throws of getting dinner on the table and all the kids were screaming and crying and bugging each other and me.

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Anonymous said...

giggles..ohhh that 30 mintues before dinner. I shouldn't be giggling; its really horrific.

Those moments when they play together and seperately are my anity and joy!