Monday, February 20, 2012

Robin Hood and Nephi

Charlie found his old Robin Hood costume from two Halloweens ago and learned how to notch the arrow in his bow and shoot it by himself. This was 6 days ago. He has played NONSTOP with it since then, or at least until the bow broke two days ago. Its hard to recall ever seeing more sorrow in his face then I did when he showed me his broken bow.

Chris helped Charlie think about Nephi when he broke his bow and how sad everyone was that they couldn't find any food to eat anymore. But the best part of that story was when Nephi made a new bow, went hunting and brought home food for the family.

So we're in the process of making him a new bow. And yesterday and today Charlie has been happy with walking around the house carrying the new stick we found for it. Cute kid. We better make it for him soon although it has been nice to not constantly dodge arrows or explain to Gwen that Charlie is still playing with the arrow even though it just flew away from him and also Chris's eye has enjoyed the time to heal.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet kid..and story.