Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rocky Ski Mountain

It feels like I thought an Edmonton Winter would be! We got dumped on today with about 2 feet of snow. Its light powdery goodness that doesn't make for good snowballs or snowmen but sure is fun to tromp through and fall into. Chris managed to create a big ramp in the backyard and we bought some short plastic kid skis that strap onto snow boots. The boys had a fun time being placed at the top by Chris and then trying to ski down to my open arms. Charlie sure had fun and loved every second of his attempts. He'd slid for a few inches and then fall back on his bum. Alec was also very eager to have his turn and mostly smiled throughout it all. He did really well and slid down the whole hill to me, bending his knees and leaning forward, falling into me at the bottom. The boys stayed outside to play longer than Chris and I and pretty much wrecked the ramp, but not before making up a cool name for it -- Rocky Ski Mountain.

It was such a fun day/evening since we finished it off with hot chocolate by a fire inside. We bathed the kids and then turned off all the lights in the house to get them pajama-ed and ready for bed in front of the fire. After bed time, Chris and I enjoyed the sound and light of the fire as we sat in the bean bag next to it and talked for most of the evening.

Almost all day I've had some lyrics from the song, "Mushaboom" by Fiest in my head.. "knee-ee-eee-eee deep snow... watchin' the fire as we grow old..." Reminds me of a lovely vision I had last month that I'll share on a blog post sometime soon.

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Anonymous said...

Haha, love mushaboom and Fiest and cuddles by fires and creative active healthy kiddos!