Friday, March 2, 2012

Cold Mornings

So it was pretty cold for running this week. On Wednesday morning it was borderline too cold, but we ended up going and by the end of the run we were fairly frosted. Our eyelashes were white with ice and any stray hair poking out of our hats were also frozen. It looked pretty cool. The worst part of it isn't getting frozen, it doesn't feel too much different than any other run out in cold weather. The worst part is thawing out. Mistakenly, I jumped straight into the shower on Wednesday and turned up the heat in my rush to feel warm again. Bad idea. The skin on my legs turned bright red and a bit puffy and started to itch like crazy.

This morning's run wasn't quite as cold, but only because I slept in and went an hour later as the sun was just poking up over the horizon. Today is when Chris took those pictures of me, I do have to say I looked even more like a snowman on Wednesday. At least this time around, I learned my lesson and jumped back in bed to try and thaw more slowly before a warm shower. Ugghhh... I'm not sure I can take many more frozen runs.


MandaMommy said...

Holy Guacamole lady!! That is CRIZAZAY!!! I hope it warms up for you soon!!!

Anonymous said...