Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Gwen jumped off the ground today for the first time! She's been working on it for a while now and does a cute little jig/dance when she tries. We got a movie of it and in the process of getting that movie off the camera and formatted right, I came across some other older movies and pictures.

Gwen Jumps!

Gwen shares some of her favorite words two months ago.

Once, when the kids and I dropped Chris off for just a few hours so he could attend a meeting 2 or 3 days after a Chemo treatment we waited for him to be done by going to a nearby park. Its one of my favorite parks here. It has access to the river, and a big pond where ducks and paddle boats are in the summer but now, that its winter, its frozen over and people go ice skating. There is a playground and lots of extra space where they sometimes do festival things. Well, anyway, that day we happened to come right after a Family Day festival and they still had up some ice sculptures!

One of the sculptures was a slide! It was a really fast ice slide and had a steep drop that would not be a tail bone's best friend. Notwithstanding, the kids loved it.

Gwen looked so adorable in her snowsuit. Her little round face surrounded by fur and a generally puffy snowsuit on her cute little body. I heard a little girl point to Gwen and say, "Look mom! A chubby baby!"

P.S. Happy No Chemo Tuesday! We've got plans for smoothies and french toast for dinner and buying a new song off of Itunes. Also I think we'll shave Chris' head again, his hair is still falling out aggressively.


dixie said...

The snow sculptures are very cool. I'm so glad you stumbled upon them. And sorry to hear that the hair loss is continuing. Things will have to get better soooooon.

Amy said...

I watched the videos with my boys, who laughed and laughed at Gwen talking. William said, "Gwen is getting on in years." Blaine said, "Are we ever going to see Alec again?" And then they watched the movies again.

They thought the slide and the ice sculptures look really fun and asked why we can't live somewhere where it snows, and can we please move somewhere with snow?

Miss you. Gwen is adorable. And, we'd better see you again!

lanaface said...

Those ice sculptures are intense!