Friday, March 2, 2012

"Full of hands"

When my little sister, Sarah, was really young, I once asked her to carry something for me and she happened to already be holding something in each hand and she said, "but I'm full of hands!" For some reason that cute expression for having ones hands full has stuck with me and I think of it whenever I get little Gweny out of her crib after sleeping. The moment I walk in the room, she gets excited and starts jabbering about things, usually whatever is in her bed that she MUST take with her before leaving her crib. Its usually some combination of "daw-ee" "pih-yoh" "behr" "lub-ee" and "bent-eh" (dolly, pillow, bear, lovey, and blanket). She stuffs her hands full, picking things up that have fallen out 3 or 4 times before letting me lift her out.

The other cutie pie around here is Charlie. He cares nothing for gender specifics ---wait.... I lie, just this morning he whined that he didn't want to watch the story of Moses and the Red Sea for FridayNightMovieNight tonight because it was a girl movie... he wanted to watch a boy movie ---So maybe he does care for gender specifics but just has his specifics crossed every now and then. Whatever it is, he sure is cute when he puts on Gwen's necklaces and bracelets. He does insist on wearing the bracelets as arm bands. He still looks so "full of boy" to me, despite the accessories.


dixie said...

Eat up those cute kids for me!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Just love the things kids love. It makes you stop and appreciate what you have. Right now I'm grateful for chubby cheeks and giggles.