Friday, March 30, 2012

Warm day

It is such a beautiful day today. Chris even called to tell me so since it's not abnormal for me to go an entire day or two or even three without stepping outside. It's almost 50 F and we are all loving this glove-less weather.

We went to a cool park that's 20 min from our house. Its really big and mostly all made out of wood and tires - I love those kinds! It had two playgrounds, 4 tire swings, like 8 baby swings all in a row and another 8 regular swings. It looks like in the summer there is a splash fountain and some super duper long slides. Seriously. I've never seen such long plastic half-tube slides before in my life. It was really fun to go down. Gwen gets going pretty fast, and I have to catch her at the end or she'd go flying! She loved it.

The following is NOT the super duper long slide. In fact, I think its the SHORTEST plastic half-tube tube slide I've ever seen. Alec tried to race some sand down it and won. Silly boy.


Anonymous said...

Yesh! Love me some sun. We had a 2 day run in the sun too, but we're back to rain.
The sohrt slide is hilarious.
Loved seeing Charley in shorts :)

amanda said...

ohmygooooodness!! Why is gwen (and the other boys too btw) soooooooooooooo CUTE?!!