Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I didn't feel up to putting together daily activities to celebrate the whole Holy Week this year. But by Thursday we started showing the kids some of the cool new Bible Videos depicting Christ's life the church put out. I think they are really neat; quiet and realistic. Chris especially likes the way the angels are shown.

The children sang a song in Sacrament Meeting and Charlie, for his first time, got to be included! He was so happy! Alec, had to be partially enticed with money towards a lego set. I say partially because I was pretty vague with my wording and its possible he forgot about it (cross your fingers). Charlie also gave the scripture, prayer and theme in Primary, which he also loved doing. He has such a cute way of speaking, and although even I, his own mother, had a hard time understanding one part of the scripture, it was beyond adorable and everyone loved his participation.

We made a yummy ham dinner, a little egg hunt downstairs and of course, my families traditional Easter Egg Roll Competition. See last year's post for an explanation....uh.. nevermind I guess I've never explained online what it is. So here goes: Everyone dyes their own eggs (we like to do 3 eggs per person) and then take turns rolling an egg against another person's egg. You sit across from each other on the floor and count, 1...2.... and on 3 you release your egg, rolling it across the floor to hit (hopefully)the other egg mid-pass and when two hard boiled eggs hit each other, only 1 cracks. Whoever's egg doesn't crack is the winner of the match-up. Usually Chris will make up a family bracket with everyone's eggs and we do all of the matchups until someone is the family champion.

This year the winner was . . .

CHARLIE! He actually won first AND second place since he had two eggs un-cracked at the end.

Inspired by my sister-in-laws, I tried to make this really involved coconut cream cake and it turned our pretty good. Now we just have to figure out who to invite over for FHE tomorrow to finish it off! I reduced the recipe by a 1/3 and we still hardly dented the egg-shaped, 7 layer cake.

It was my week to teach all the women in Relief Society again and my assigned lesson was on, "The Immortality of the Soul." A perfect Easter lesson and I really enjoyed preparing and even giving this one. One of my favorite quotes from President George Albert Smith helped me better understand the different between my body and my spirit:
The physical portion that we see (our bodies) is of earth, earthy [see1 Corinthians 15:47], but that portion which leaves the body when our lives go out is that which is spiritual, and it never dies. The physical tabernacle lies in the tomb—it is a portion of the earth and goes back to mother earth—but the intelligence that God has placed within it, that which has power to reason and to think, that which has power to sing and to speak, knows no death; ...
At the end of my lesson I talked about how I felt at my Grandpa's funeral two summers ago and in speaking I felt incredibly sure of my declaration about the reality of an afterlife and of every person's eventual resurrection, stronger than I've ever felt before. The whole 45 min lesson was a pretty cool experience for me. I felt like every (or at least every other) word I said, carried a lot of meaning for me. Anyways, sorry to go off on this but it was really interesting to me. Happy Easter!


MandaMommy said...

Happy Easter! Gwen looks SO GROWN UP! When did that happen??? How sad that we're missing out on all this growing up your kids are doing. Miss you guys!

nicole said...

Thanks for your testimony! Happy Easter!

dixie said...

Great pictures of your cute family. So glad that your lesson went well. you're a wonderful teacher!

Amy said...

Oh how I wish I could be present in your lessons! I've always appreciated your thoughtful faith, Britney.

merilee said...

Your kids are so adorable!! Love the pictures of you all dressed up for church :) I'm sure your lesson was great. You have a wonderful spirit!!

Anonymous said...

That's agreat quote by Albert Smith. What a pertenant lesson for Easter. I didn't know your grandpa had passed, was it Grandpa Betteridge?
Sounds like it was a great lesson. I always learn more when I teach, it must be a really nice calling.

Love the egg roll idea, awesome!

P.S. Isn't funny how or children's success can make us so happy? One of the best parts about being a parent :)