Monday, April 16, 2012

Science Center

I've been feeling a bit trapped up here. Back in the Bay Area we had unlimited outings of varying sizes within an hour's drive: San Fransisco, tons of open space preserves, hikes, rock climbing, farms, Santa Cruz, or even Monterrey Bay if we went a bit further. But here, we don't know much else besides things in the city or along the pretty river paths within 5 minutes of home, and neither of those really feel like 'day trip' worthy enterprises. I hear there may be some dinosaur bones or museum just north of the city, so I'll have to figure that out. I think mainly I'm just missing a good family car trip. We haven't gone anywhere as a family since we moved here more than 8 months ago. We used to make the 14 hr drive to UT about every 4 months it seems for the last 5 years. Needless to say we are all SOOOOOOOOOO excited for our next family trip (Utah here we come!) coming up in June.

Until then, I'll try to find new places to explore around here. I think we're off to a good start since last Saturday we went to the Science Center just 5-10 minutes North of Chris' work. It was really fun. An annual pass more than pays for itself after 3 visits so, we splurged (thanks Tax Refunds!) and got a pass. There is an IMAX theater and 4 or 5 other exhibits and a full dome theater and a really cool kids exploratory place.


Katie B. said...

Oh, memories... When I was a kid my siblings and I loved the science museum in Boston. Looks like there are some similar fun things where you are. We're excited for your Utah trip in June, too! When exactly is it? We should get together!!

dixie said...

Family passes rock! I'm so glad you found this place. And we are looking forward to June as well!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Science centers are the best!