Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Smoothie and spaghetti faces

Bike Rides

Now that Charlie is totally comfortable starting and stopping by himself on his bike, he asks to go for bike rides ALLLL the time. Almost every day we go for a little ride. And first thing in the morning, he goes out back and rides in circles on our tiny cement pad/pathway. If the boys are naughty they'll open the gate and ride on our driveway/ally. Its cute to see him love it so much and I'm more than happy to get some extra exercise in on our little walks/runs/rides. 
This morning they rode by the place where we had a picnic and leaf jumping in pile with my parents when they were here in October.  And guess what? the remains of the pile is STILL THERE! haha. 

Little Gwen is so much fun, most of the time. She really is getting independent. She wants to do everything by herself and has a certain way of doing things, but she's mostly happy and makes us all smile with the things she says and does since she copies EVERYTHING the boys do, or at least tries to.  I absolutely love to watch her sing "Popcorn popping." Last time I sang it with her, I guess I used two hands to "look out the window" and she started complaining but I didn't know why, so she stood up in her crib and came over to me standing by the side and pointing to my left hand said, "no dis hand."  This is what I mean about having a certain way to do things. Its cute now, but I wonder how that'll manifest itself in a teenager....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chris' Birthday

31!!! Chris is 31 and looking good! What a crazy year it's been since his last birthday. We've never been more grateful for life and growing older. The weather stayed mostly dry across the "May Long Weekend" and we celebrated each day. First I surprised Chris with a babysitter and a groupon for a fancy steakhouse downtown on Friday. Saturday we had waffles for breakfast and then we rode bikes--even Charlie!--to soccer. For dinner we went over for a little BBQ with my running friends and their families (all the husbands are connected to Chris through Young Mens) to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake.

Monday Chris worked from home for his upcoming papers deadline. We surprised him with streamers and balloons that didn't last more than 2 hrs, opened presents and ate strawberries and angel food cake for dessert after dinner.  The kids picked out a present for him at Winners (Ross for Canadians) and Charlie fell in LOOOOVE with these gold basketball shorts and no amount of persuading would change his mind. Apparently, Daddy will need these atrociously gold shorts for soccer.

Looking back, I notice that we mostly celebrate with food. I guess we all really really like food.

Monday, May 14, 2012

LRT fun

We love to ride the train to Chris' work and ride it home with him.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Drive-in Movie Night

Inspired by my sister-in-law, Ashley's blog post, our kids went to the "Drive-in" for Friday Night Movie Night last weekend, at home.  It all started with some crazy kids around 4:00pm on Friday and I tried to think of something we could do outside in the backyard. Painting cardboard boxes to look like cars must have come as inspiration.

It started raining a bit (even thundering for a min or two!!!! I love thunder) so we grabbed our "cars" and paint and moved to the garage.

Dinner was homemade whole wheat yogi rolls (not light and fluffy but still OK) with sandwich fixings, bananas, and popcorn.  We watched some Tin Tin cartoons Chris got for Christmas. It was pretty fun and the kids looked so cute stuffed in their "cars." I wonder how many Friday Night Movie Nights they'll last through.

We're so excited for soccer tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A friend in the ward organizes a little soccer league for 3-5 yr olds that meet for an hour and a half on Saturday mornings for 8 weeks. There are over 50 kids involved, divided into age-appropriate teams and they practice and do drills for the first part of the session and then play a game against the one other similarly-aged team for the rest of the time with snacks somewhere in there too. This past Saturday was Alec's and Charlie's first time! They got shirts, shorts, socks and a soccer ball and wore it/played with it ALLLLLLL day. They absolutely loved the whole thing. 

Chris is one of the volunteer coaches for Alec's team and they named themselves, "Dragon Crush #1."  Alec had an awesome assist (around opponents) to score the game winning last minute goal. Definitely his father's son, Alec described the play to me complete with actions and props at least 5 times. He was so proud.

Charlie was by far the most skilled little player on his team of fellow 3 year olds. He kicks its super far and straight and can follow simple instructions. He gets the concept of a 'game'. Some of the other kids had to be holding onto an adults hand or carried by a mum to chase the ball and one kid was even being swung by his armpits to "kick" the ball.  Charlie knew just what to do, but also liked to hold an adults hand and his coach was nice enough to oblige since I was babysitting Gwen and 2 French kids from our ward.  Charlie's favorite thing about this all were the 2 goals he made! Soooo cute.

We love soccer! Totally worth the $30 a kid.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I got a bike!

The last bike I had was a $80 Walmart special and I used it for our 5 year California experience, trained for some triathlons with it, and rode countless times pulling the kids to parks, libraries, church and other local events. Our trailer was pretty inexpensive too and while they both got the job done, they were so beat up that we didn't feel they would be worth their space in getting shipped up to Canada so we left them both with our friends for $20.

Now that the weather is warm enough to venture outside, we've been itching for a way to expand our park horizons a bit. Also the friends I run with here are also into biking and get together a few times a week to go on 1-2 hour bike rides. So we used our Canadian tax refund to get a bike and trailer! We bought it on Monday and I couldn't be happier with it. It is so lightweight and practically pulls the trailer by itself... seriously, I'm not even sure I can call my first 30-40 min ride pulling the trailer exercise!  It's a hybrid (mountain bike handle bars with skinnier wheels) and reminds me a lot of my friend Stephanie's bike that I borrowed (and LOVED) a couple of times. I don't think my new bike is actually as nice, but I can't tell the difference, so it works for me! Our new trailer is Croozer brand and was the last one left / display model so we got it for a discount. It is nicer than our old one with bucket seats and nice shoulder harnesses for the kids. I think they'll be quite comfortable. Charlie and Gwen both fell asleep on our first ride and they weren't half way slumped over, or even leaning against each other!  Chris has a nice bike we got for his birthday/internship commute two summers ago so we're now set for some family bike trips. We've just got to work our buns up to it!