Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bike Rides

Now that Charlie is totally comfortable starting and stopping by himself on his bike, he asks to go for bike rides ALLLL the time. Almost every day we go for a little ride. And first thing in the morning, he goes out back and rides in circles on our tiny cement pad/pathway. If the boys are naughty they'll open the gate and ride on our driveway/ally. Its cute to see him love it so much and I'm more than happy to get some extra exercise in on our little walks/runs/rides. 
This morning they rode by the place where we had a picnic and leaf jumping in pile with my parents when they were here in October.  And guess what? the remains of the pile is STILL THERE! haha. 

Little Gwen is so much fun, most of the time. She really is getting independent. She wants to do everything by herself and has a certain way of doing things, but she's mostly happy and makes us all smile with the things she says and does since she copies EVERYTHING the boys do, or at least tries to.  I absolutely love to watch her sing "Popcorn popping." Last time I sang it with her, I guess I used two hands to "look out the window" and she started complaining but I didn't know why, so she stood up in her crib and came over to me standing by the side and pointing to my left hand said, "no dis hand."  This is what I mean about having a certain way to do things. Its cute now, but I wonder how that'll manifest itself in a teenager....

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