Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chris' Birthday

31!!! Chris is 31 and looking good! What a crazy year it's been since his last birthday. We've never been more grateful for life and growing older. The weather stayed mostly dry across the "May Long Weekend" and we celebrated each day. First I surprised Chris with a babysitter and a groupon for a fancy steakhouse downtown on Friday. Saturday we had waffles for breakfast and then we rode bikes--even Charlie!--to soccer. For dinner we went over for a little BBQ with my running friends and their families (all the husbands are connected to Chris through Young Mens) to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake.

Monday Chris worked from home for his upcoming papers deadline. We surprised him with streamers and balloons that didn't last more than 2 hrs, opened presents and ate strawberries and angel food cake for dessert after dinner.  The kids picked out a present for him at Winners (Ross for Canadians) and Charlie fell in LOOOOVE with these gold basketball shorts and no amount of persuading would change his mind. Apparently, Daddy will need these atrociously gold shorts for soccer.

Looking back, I notice that we mostly celebrate with food. I guess we all really really like food.


dixie said...

That is how our celebrations go--mostly with food--that is probably our fault. Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration together. The steak house was such a great idea! Yum, yum. Wish we could have been there to party with you.

Anonymous said...

Charley and chris have great taste in clothes :)
Gwen's hair is gettign so long!
Happy Birthday Chris!

Katie B. said...

I think those shorts are awesome. And nice to see some hair back on Chris's head. :)

MandaMommy said...

What's not to like about food? Happy Birthday Chris!!!