Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A friend in the ward organizes a little soccer league for 3-5 yr olds that meet for an hour and a half on Saturday mornings for 8 weeks. There are over 50 kids involved, divided into age-appropriate teams and they practice and do drills for the first part of the session and then play a game against the one other similarly-aged team for the rest of the time with snacks somewhere in there too. This past Saturday was Alec's and Charlie's first time! They got shirts, shorts, socks and a soccer ball and wore it/played with it ALLLLLLL day. They absolutely loved the whole thing. 

Chris is one of the volunteer coaches for Alec's team and they named themselves, "Dragon Crush #1."  Alec had an awesome assist (around opponents) to score the game winning last minute goal. Definitely his father's son, Alec described the play to me complete with actions and props at least 5 times. He was so proud.

Charlie was by far the most skilled little player on his team of fellow 3 year olds. He kicks its super far and straight and can follow simple instructions. He gets the concept of a 'game'. Some of the other kids had to be holding onto an adults hand or carried by a mum to chase the ball and one kid was even being swung by his armpits to "kick" the ball.  Charlie knew just what to do, but also liked to hold an adults hand and his coach was nice enough to oblige since I was babysitting Gwen and 2 French kids from our ward.  Charlie's favorite thing about this all were the 2 goals he made! Soooo cute.

We love soccer! Totally worth the $30 a kid.


nicole said...

Your boys are awesome!

dixie said...

Yes, totally worth it. Sounds like a great combination of learning skills and having fun!

Anonymous said...

so awesome! glad its all been so much fun. Be sure to wash the free stuff you get. A huge flu break out just happened in Seattle and Oregon because of free reusable bags that were handed out. Scary! I'm sure you know to wash things :)

Anonymous said...

Ps the Dragon crushers is an awesome name!