Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Edwards Home!!

We drove down to UT to welcome Edward, Chris' youngest sibling, home from his mission.  But we left early enough to spend a few days vising with my siblings and their families in Herriman. We started the fun right away by driving straight to the Motorcycle/ Dirt Bike show -- a part of the city's big "Herriman Days" festival. Cowboys and cowgirls abounded and it was fun to see the excitement even though it was cold and windy.

Getting ready for the drive / on the drive:

We all attended Tiffany's and Jared's Stake Conference on Sunday. Alec was excited not to have to go to a new class and having all those little boys between the ages of 3-8 sitting quietly for 2 hours was pretty funny. We had a yummy pasta dinner and then played games (including this complicated but pretty fun card game called Bang) once the kids were in bed.  It was fun to have this adult time and I enjoyed meeting my brother, Jordan's Bolivian girlfriend, Estefi.

The 3 moms took 10 kids (ages 3 weeks - 6) on a hike....FUN
We decided to take a tour of the nearby Copper Mines for family home evening. Crazy to think my tiny sister-in-law, Ashley, drove trucks like those big ones where the tires alone are more than twice as big as an adult when she was in Highschool!  It was really interesting to see models of what the area looked like before and during the various stages of the mining. Its cool to think that these copper mines are one of the few man-made things astronauts can see from outer space!  We ended FHE with a blind taste test of American vrs. Canadian Oreos and Graham Crackers.

Chris talked my brothers and bro-in-law to hitting balls together at the driving range. On another night my sisters and sis-in-law went out to dinner to celebrate, Ashley's birthday. It was a very fun time and the kids loved running around crazy between the houses, shooting nurf guns, and riding scooters inside their unfinished basements.

Edward got home on a Thursday. He'd been serving in the Merida, Mexico Mission. We haven't seen him for 2 years and, to me, he looks the same just a bit older and more manly. Chris just kept saying over and over, "I find myself staring at his face and wondering, who is this??"  We all (every single member of Chris' family - including the 3 kids born while Edward was gone) surprised him at the airport with his putter, Sophie, and a cooler full of Sobees. 

For the next week we pretty much just enjoyed being together, going for runs in the mornings, a lot of golfing for the Archibald-born, making cute and comfy dresses for the women, taking walks with the kids, eating picnics outside and swimming at a near by friend of a friend of a friend's mansion. We made and ate lots of good food and enjoyed visiting with extended family and friends at Edward's homecoming talk on Sunday and then at a Hall of Baldness BBQ on Monday. A lot of our time during that week was spend prepping for our upcoming, totally awesome, adult-only, 3 day Southern Utah/Escalante Backpacking Trip! Details will follow.


nicole said...

So happy for your fun times! Miss you guys!

Katie B. said...

It was so good to see you guys! Can't believe you've never played Bang before. It's a staple in our family.

Sean and Bethany said...

yay thanks for the update, what a fun family filled trip! love seeing all the cousins together. we love bang as well, next time we're together we'll have to play :)

Anonymous said...

Absolute family heaven! I totalyl live for vacay's like this. So glad you all had fun and Chris's bro is home safe.

Amy said...

This sounds like a perfect trip. I'm excited to hear about your Southern Utah adventure.

Aaron, Cera, Jaylen and Gavin said...

SOOOO FUN! Amazing family on both sides!!

Shelly Beth said...

LOVE the game Bang. One of our favs around here. Glad you had a great time with family! You guys all deserve it!

MandaMommy said...

Erg! My heart is bleeeeeding from the jealousy that abounds from all the fun Brittney times I'm missing out on!