Monday, June 4, 2012

Fine line

And I thought the rustling of plastic in the kitchen during quiet time was just Charlie putting the movies he wants to take for our car trip into ziplock bags for safe keeping. . .

Me: "did you eat your lollipops without asking? And eat them in the living room??"

Charlie: "no! I didn't eat them. I just licked them. I opened them and licked them then put them in this bag."

Me: "in the living room?"

Charlie: grins, nods and holds up a bag full of cars and opened, licked lollipops.

Sticky, hard candy or chewed up gum are my grossest dislikes!


Sean and Bethany said...

haha love how he justified what he did! too smart you better watch out ;) cute kid

dixie said...

And just look at that cute face. Oooh yeah.

Amy said...

He looks so proud of himself! At least he put them in a bag instead of, say, lining them up on the carpet or the couch, or in Gwen's hair. :)

Anonymous said...