Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gwen's 2nd Birthday!

My little baby is no longer a baby. She turned 2 last week! She is SUCH a talker and has a broad vocabulary and perfect intonations for whines, mad phrases, pouts and baby/sweet talk.  She is extraordinarily loved by all who know her.  She even has a little following at church with many of the youth in the ward.  Her Nursery Leader mouthed to us just last week, "I'm not supposed to have one, but she's my favorite!" She loves to kick balls, make awesome plane/car/buzz lightyear sounds, run around the house, jump up and down, and sing (hymns at church, songs at bedtime, especially Popcorn popping and I love to see the Temple). She is almost constantly hungry and wants a snack or any type of food at any time of day.  She likes to play Hasha-Pock-a-Rosie (Ring around the Rosie) and wear her brother's shoes. 
We celebrated her birthday a few days early, so we could party as a family before we separated for Chris' bike trip and the rest of us camping.  So it was Sunday morning that we sang her the birthday songs, surprised her with presents on the table and a banner in the morning. Chris and I didn't give her many presents this year but the two we did give her were home made with love. We built our first wood project together and made her a little doll highchair.
And I put together some tutus and fairy wings for her. 
 She ran around the house in them saying, "to the rescue!"
Alec wanted to give her a ball and some princess shoes. She loved both, and put on the shoes right away and ran all over in them while kicking her ball. Quite talented in heels. :)  Charlie wanted to give her a soccer uniform and we walked all around the mall trying to find the right one. Its not quite a "uniform" but its close.
 We made her a lady bug cake and had our adopted Grandma, Sister M, over for cake and ice cream. 
I'm afraid for most of the day we were busy getting ready for our bike/camping trips and I feel a little bad for not being able to focus only on her birthday. But I know Gwen doesn't even notice or care so I'm trying to do the same.  

Gwendolyn is the sunshine in our family and we love her "farther than the edge of space" as Alec put it in the car today.


merilee said...

I love it! what a cute little girl and family. The boys in the tutus were pretty cute too :)
Looks like a fun birthday party! xoxo

Carrie said...

ha. i loved your comment on the fb picture i posted. i sometimes look at abigail and wonder "who's that little girl?!" as well. i loved her as a baby but i'm reeeaaallllyyyy loving her as a toddler. i bet you're in heaven being able to see how gwen interacts with her brothers. she is so big! and i can't believe you made that highchair! i totally wanted one like that online but couldn't bear to dish out the money for it so i got her a cheap set instead. like you said though, kids don't know the difference... they think it's all cool! i'm so glad you're doing well and i love reading your blog!

Nicole Smith said...

all grown up! she is too cute! it sounds like summer is treating you well. give your kids a big hug from us.