Thursday, September 20, 2012

duck pond and bouncy houses

We had some time to kill as we waited to pick Chris up from work late one afternoon. The weather has been so nice, recently, so we made our way over to the pond at Hawrelek Park. The kids enjoyed faking the ducks and geese out as they threw inedible at them like sticks, mud clumps and leaves. I need to remember to bring bread with us next time.

Also recently we had our ward welcome back party. It was a chili, salad, dessert potluck....AND they had three big bouncy houses in the gym. The kids were in heaven. Although twice, one of the bouncy houses unvelcro-ed and started deflating FAST with kids still inside. The second time, both Alec and Charlie were inside, way back there as it started deflating. A bunch of adults were right near by and I tried to hold up the ceiling by the entrance so they could slip out. It was so heavy!! But everyone got out fine, so no harm done.  Chris had Gwen's boots tucked in his back pockets and some friends commented that it looked like a kid had jumped down and gotten stuck in Chris' pants. 

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dixie said...

I totally love the boots in the pockets!