Wednesday, October 24, 2012

4 year old Charlie

We had such a fun time celebrating Charlie's birthday. The boys anticipated it for so long. One overheard conversation between them the week before ended like this:  Alec - "Aren't birthdays the best days ever?" Charlie - "Yeah! I know that."  We got to hand out gingerbread cookies to his playschool class on Friday and so many people were surprised at at old he was. I think most 4 year olds go to a 'real'  3+days-a-week/no parents preschool here in Canada.

On his actual day he woke up and Chris made him breakfast in bed while I was running since the kids woke up at 5:30!! He had requested mush and toast, so we lucked out there.  Also Chris and I had decorated the house with balloons, streamers and my old paper flag banners (I had NO idea how long those would last when I made them for babyshowers years ago) Both of these tradittions have come from the kids. Alec wanted Breakfast in Bed ever since making it for Chris and I on Fathers and Mothers day. When he asked when Kid Day was we told him we could do it for his birthday...and he remembered and requests it every time now.

Then I hosted a Munchin / Mom-and-me music class and we shared chocolate muffins with all our little friends and played with balloons.  Then it was time to pick up Alec from school and we had another friend in between Alec and Charlie's age come to play for the afternoon.

We decided not to have a friend party, but instead let him invite 1 friend and their family over for dinner. It was easier than hosting a bunch of 3-5 year olds and planning games and party favors etc... AND it was fun for us to have dinner with our friends too.  Charlie chose to eat rainbow pasta with cheese sauce, watermelon, oranges, and ceasar salad.  So thats what we served.  He also wanted a Lightening And McQueen cake and pinata. Chris and I had fun designing and decorating the cake the night before. It turned out really good and I think it FINALLY tasted like Amanda's chocolate cake!! Even though I've used the same recipe as her for years, I think I finally got it to taste the same.

The pinata was lots of fun. Each kid got to hit it 3 times, then they all grabbed a string and pulled at the same time (one string opens the trap door and lets the candy out).

 Charlie was  SO focused on getting all the candy he could when the pinata dumped out all its contents. Chris really wanted the pinata to be FULL for a nice "wow" factor, but I also wanted to use some of that candy to give away for trick-or-treating so we gave the kids small bags and I sent Chris in there to collect some too! The kids still managed to stuff their ziplock FULL. :) Especially the birthday boy.
The main present for Charlie this year was a big boy carseat! He was thrilled.  

 Alec was so nice to Charlie all day...letting him play with Alec's new bow and arrow first, not taking or grabbing ANY of Charlie's new toys, giving him the cookie with the most frosting on it at lunch. I really think Charlie felt special and loved and its appropriate because he is special and loved. The days following his birthday he tried to keep the special treatment coming by saying, "but I'm the birthday boy!" when he wasn't given what he wanted. :) Fun, exuberant, tender, loving Charlie. We love you!


merilee said...

I love your birthday traditions! what fun for everyone. Your kids are growing so fast! I hope you are doing well. xoxo

MandaMommy said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!!! Love Ally

dixie said...

Sounds like the perfect day for the birthday boy! We love you Charlie. And I can't believe how grownup Gwen looks in the pinata picture. So sweet of Alec to be such a great big brother all day long! Missing you.

Aaron, Cera, Jaylen and Gavin said...

What a FUN birthday!!! Such cute traditions!